Best Restaurants in Cusco

mejores Restaurantes en Cusco
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The 10 best restaurants in Cusco City

We already know that Cusco has everything. Furthermore the amazing tourist attractions, the imperial citadel has a gorgeous gastronomy for everybody.

That is why during the last few years “Cusco cooking class” has become very popular.

And if you are passionate about Peruvian food, and above all the Cusco food, here we share with you the best restaurants in Cusco. Are you ready?

Buffet Restaurants


The Tunupa Restaurant is very well known as one of the best restaurants in the city of Cusco. It is located just in front of the main square of the city and it will provide you with a gorgeous landscape of Cusco.

If you want to try Cusco dishes, this is the ideal place for you. Tunupa also offers you the best criollo buffet and dinner, you will enjoy shows with live local music.

There is also a Tunupa restaurant in the Sacred Valley and it is part of the best restaurants in the Inca Sacred Valley of Cusco.

restaurants in Cusco


Belmond Hotel Monasterio

Belmond Hotel Monasterio, has two restaurants: “El Tupay” and “Illariy”, both cataloged in the best restaurants of Cusco ranking. Two elegant restaurants in one hotel, perfect for enjoying an outdoor breakfast with the sunlight coming through the courtyard or having dinner under the ostentatious stone arcs in a luxury restaurant.

restaurants in Cusco

Tayta Fe

Tayta Fe is a steakhouse Restaurant with a rodizio style, it offers you a variety of meat cuts for all tastes. In this restaurant, you will get the experience of a waiter coming to your place and cutting the meat to your preference with personalized service.

restaurants in cusco

High-end Restaurants


Incanto is located near the main square of Cusco and it provides you with the best options in pizza, bread, and pasta. Its environment is modern, comfortable, and with a huge wood oven.

We recommend you try its delicious ossobuco with mashed potatoes, quinoa roasted pieces, and tegliteles in squid sauce. Above all, you could have the opportunity to try its variety of wine lists to create a perfect combination.

restaurantes en cusco

Inka Grill

The Inka Grill restaurant has a pleasant space to enjoy the most delicious dishes in the city. It is located at the main square of  Cusco and it has been recognized for more than 13 years because of its gastronomy.

In this restaurant you will connect with the kindness and quality of the service, it would be a unique experience with each dish on the table.

Peruvian food and Italian one, both live in perfect harmony and they can be accompanied by the tasteful pisco. Try the delicious trout of the valley and the alpaca meat, both amazing dishes in the restaurant.

restaurants in cusco


Morena Peruvian Kitchen

This is a modern and brilliant restaurant in the heart of the ancient city of Cusco. It will provide you with a great experience with the variety of tastes in each dish cooked with the influence of the coast, the jungle, and the Sierra of our country.

The meat, fish, or vegetables, Morena wants to put at the view of everybody the cultural diversity of the Peruvian kitchen. For that reason, this restaurant uses just local and freshest ingredients.

restaurantes de cusco

Limbus Restobar

Limbus Restobar is a restaurant in Cusco that has the most panoramic views of the imperial city, the restaurant provides private events with its marvelous spaces, spotlighting the urban scenery, everything to offer an enjoyable experience to their guests and try the best food and typical drinks.

 restaurants in cusco


Limo is located in front of the main square of Cusco; it has an incredible view of the city, and it is recognized for the kindness of the human service, which is why it is one of the best restaurants in the city. You will have the opportunity to taste all the national and international dishes, and the bar variety will enchant you.

And above all, we recommend you try the famous pisco sour, the main drink of Peru.

restaurants in Cusco


Finally, we present to you Pachapapa Restaurant, which is located in the San Blas district, just a few minutes from the main square of the Cusco.

The restaurant is perfect to eat on a sunny day while you are enjoying the beautiful courtyard with an amazing natural view. One of the specialties is the delicious alpaca anticucho, roasted guinea pig, and trout.

restaurants in Cusco

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