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Pozuzo is a beautiful place located in the province of Oxapampa,  department of Pasco. It is one of the most important tourist places in Peru.

According to history, it is a city built by immigrants. It has several tourist attractions such as the Schafferer Museum, the Poza de agua y sal, its beautiful waterfalls, and the incredible customs that you can witness in this place. If you want to know Pozuzo from beginning to end and do not know where to stay, read on.

Machu Picchu Perú Tours brings you the best hotels in Pozuzo and have a fabulous stay on your trip.

What hotels are there in Pozuzo?

1.- D´Green Lodge

D’Green Lodge is one of the best hotels in Pozuzo and is located on Avenida Alberto Muller, in the heart of the city.

It is the ideal place to spend a moment away from stress, the establishment has a large courtyard with green areas, a barbecue area, private parking, and an incredible view of the city.


2.- Tierra Verde Hotel

This hotel is located just 4 minutes from the main square of Pozuzo and is a favorite for its good location.

Besides its kind treatment, in this hotel you will have comfortable rooms with flat screen TV, free WiFi, private bathroom and air conditioning.

The facilities of this cozy hotel have a beautiful swimming pool and a terrace where you can get an incredible view of the city and its beautiful sunsets. It also has a camping area, campfire area, a beautiful garden, access to the river and private parking.

You will have free breakfast every day of your stay at this hotel.


3.- Familiar Gstir Hostel

This lodge belongs to a family of German descent. They built beautiful houses and constructions with a European style.

In this place, you will learn a little more about the culture and customs of the Germans; the women wear long suits and headscarves, while the men make their own utensils, such as shoes, belts, among others.


4.- Hotel Tunki Lodge

The Tunki Lodge Hotel is located near Pozuzo Square in Oxapampa. It has a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful garden, and a bar to taste typical drinks of the area.

The reception is 24 hours a day and its rooms have a flat-screen TV, free WiFi, a private bathroom, and a desk. This hotel will offer continental breakfast during your stay.


5.- Hotel Tirol Pozuzo

Tirol is another of the well-known hotels in Pozuzo, located in Pasaje Alemania 230, a quiet area of Prusia. Its beautiful facilities include an exotic garden, a restaurant where you can taste the typical dishes of the area, a bar, and a private parking lot.

In addition to having comfortable rooms, you can find bungalows to de-stress and escape the routine.


6.- Hotel Nueva Patria

Hotel Nueva Patria is a beautiful and cozy place where you will stay comfortably. Here you will taste the typical pozucino breakfast surrounded by green areas, ideal for camping with your loved ones.


7.- Hotel Frankfurter Hof Familiar

This hotel is located in Oxapampa and has a terrace with a good view of the city, a garden, and free parking.

All rooms have a patio, private bathroom, private Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and air conditioning.


8.- Hotel Heidinger

The Heidinger Hotel is located 500 meters from the city’s commercial area and offers guests a regional breakfast buffet, free Wi-Fi, and friendly service.

All rooms have private bathrooms, while laundry and luggage storage services are available. The advantage of this hotel is that it is close to the bus station and has private parking.


9.- Chontaqui Eco – Lodge

Chontaqui eco-lodge is located near the plaza and its rooms are perfectly equipped with everything you need for a peaceful stay.

They have rooms with microwaves, flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, and private bathrooms.


10.- Los Quetzales

Hotel Los Quetzales has a 24-hour front desk. In addition, you can find a tourist information desk to learn a little more about the city. Family rooms are available.


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