Premium Inca Trail

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Premium Inca Trail 5 Days / 4 Night  


On the first day our tour agency Machu Picchu Perú Tours will come pick you up from your place of stay at 6:00 am to then head out to our first place in the Premium Inca Trail, known as Chilla in (km 77), from which it will take us 4 hours to get to Pisacucho in (km 82), where we will have our lunch. During the this part of trail we will be able to observe the great variety of sylvester plants just like all the different types of animals until we get to the archeological site of Llaqtapata (2,950 above sea level) where our guide will give us a brief explanation about this place; this place is where will be camping out for the night, it was designed by the minister of culture.


After we finish enjoying our breakfast we will start our hike into a ravine called Cusi Chaxa, passing through the villages of Tarachayoc and Hatunchaka, the Inca trail leads us to the community of Wayllabamba, in this town we will find a mal archeological site that was a control site for the Incas. Wayllabamba means “green meadow’ in Quechua, this village has Inca origin and it’s the last of the main villages of the Inca trail, after this we will head to Ayapata or also known as “three stones”, where we will have lunch and a well-deserved break, then we continue to go up to Llulluchapampa where we will camp out for the night. The hike on this day will be approximately of 6 hours where we will reach a height between 2950 to 3700 above sea level.


On this day we will wake up really errant to keep going on our hike to the Inca Trail, it will keep being difficult but remember, not impossible, after breakfast we will embark to the highest point of our hike, named Abra de Warmiwañusca, which is approximately 4200 meters above sea level, it will take us 1 and a half hours to get to the top. After we will start hiking down by the Valley of Pacaymayu (hidden river), that is 3650 meters above sea level. When we get to the bottom of the hike we will be able to appreciate the river down there called the hidden river, in fact we will be able to see some beautiful waterfalls besides just being able to see the the way up into the second open, we will stop here if anyone wants to use the bathrooms and then we will all go down together. On the way up we will visit the archeological site of Runkuray which means “Ovoid Shaped Tower”,from here to the open Runkuraqay (3950 m.a.s.l.) are approximately 45 minutes. Along the day we will see the valley of Urubamba just like looking to the second open we see the valley of Aobamba and the mountain range of Vilcabamba, lastly we will go down to Chakicocha,  and depending on the physical condition of the visitors we can continue hiking to Puyupatamarca where we will camp out for the night.


On this day, the fourth one, we will go down very slow into the Wiñay wayna Ruins (2 700 m.s.n.m), which will take us approximately 3 hours. Wiñaywayna Ruins is a small Inca city with a great quantity of fountains and amazing scenery, we will have lunch in this place and and also we will take good nap. After we will head northeast until we get to Into Punku (Gate Sun), and this will takes us 1 hour and a half, from where we will have the greatest view into Machu Picchu. We will then hike through Machu Picchu into the ancient city. After the really long hike we will take a bus to Aguas Calientes where we will find a hotel to spend the night.


On the last day after a really long rest at the hotel we will wake up really early  at 5:30 approximately to hop on a bus that will take os to Machu Picchu to enjoy a great day. The tour at Machu Picchu will be of approximately 2 1/2 hours, we will see the great buildings of stone of Machu Picchu, probably the most outstanding feat of engineering amor all the ancient cultures of America, besides from seeing temples, staircases, facades and stone palaces that are all over the place, which show the energy and the engineering of its builders. After we will have free time to walk around and explore this mysterious city. We will head back to cusco in the afternoon.