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Do you want to enjoy this Summer 2024 in the best way? Here we will show you the best options for Peru Beaches that you should visit to ensure your trip experience in the year.

The summer in Perú 2024 brings with it sunny days, perfect for enjoying the beautiful beaches that have our Peruvian coast. In this post, we gonna guide you through the best Peru beaches that offer the Peruvian coast, giving you a clear vision of the options so you can plan your summer getaways.

Be part of the essence of the Peruvian summer, where the warm sun and gentle ocean waves invite you to explore the most beautiful and famous Peruvian beaches. With 3,080 kilometers of coast, Peru has a variety of beaches that satisfy the preferences of the Peruvian people, from those ideal for relaxation to those that attract lovers of water sports such as surfing.

Best Peru beaches

Every region of Peru that is located on the Coast, has very beautiful beaches that stand out, we will show you some of these:

Beaches of Lima Peru

The beautiful city of Lima, the capital, is a treasure of beaches that offer tranquility to exciting waves for the lover of the surf, you can lose the opportunity to visit the Peruvian beaches that are founded in Lima.

Caballeros Beach (Punta Hermosa)

Caballeros Beach is recognized for its natural beauty and fresh air and is a perfect destination for relaxing and enjoying the sun. The inspection of January 2024, confirmed like one of the Healthy Peruvian beaches that are located in Lima.

Peru beaches

El Silencio Beach (Punta Hermosa)

“El Silencio” beach is located in Punta Hermosa District in Lima, El Silencio Beach is a charming place that captivates all the visitors with its tranquility and natural beauty. This beach wins the name not because is a silent place, but the smooth noise of its waves.

peru beaches

Las Sombrillas Beach (Barranco)

Located in the bohemian district of Barranco, Lima, Las Sombrillas is more than a beach; it is full of charm and a unique view that captivates those who visit it. Although it is not ideal for swimming, its scenic beauty makes Las Sombrillas beach an emblematic place that offers a different experience and makes it a charming place.

Colorado Beach (Huacho)

Colorado Beach is located in the north of Lima, in the city of Huacho, this beach is most known as a popular Peruvian beach that attracts locals and visitors in search of sun, sea, and fun. With its natural charm and relaxed environment, this ideal beach is for enjoying a memorable summer.

Peru beaches

León Dormido Beach (San Antonio, Cañete)

León Dormido Beach, located in San Antonio, Cañete, is a beautiful beach that combines natural beauty with the tranquility of a serene environment. Known for its distinctive rock formation that resembles a sleeping lion, this Peruvian beach captivates local visitors and tourists alike.

Peru beaches

Arica Beach (Lurín)

Arica Beach is located in the district of Lurin, in the province of Lima. One of the distinctive features of this beach is its soft sand and turquoise waters. This Peruvian beach offers a serene atmosphere with a landscape that combines the golden of the sand with the clear blue of the ocean. It is also known for its easy access to the city of Lima, which makes it a popular destination.

Peru beaches

San Pedro Beach (Lurín)

San Pedro Beach is located in the district of Lurin, Lima, and offers an oasis of tranquility a few kilometers from the city. This beach has a peculiar fine and clean sand, creating a pleasant environment for visitors. The quality of cleanliness is one of the priorities, which makes it a place appreciated by those who value the purity of the beach.

Beaches in the North of Peru

The Peru beaches of the north coast are distinguished by their warm waters and beaches that have nothing to envy with those of the Caribbean, here we show you what they are:

Máncora (Piura)

The beach of Mancora is an emblematic tourist destination located on the northern coast of Peru, in the beautiful region of Piura. Known for its warm water beaches and sunny weather throughout the year, Mancora attracts throughout the year and especially in summer national and international visitors in search of relaxation and fun.

peruvian beaches

Punta Sal (Tumbes)

Punta Sal Beach is located in the region of Tumbes, a true paradise on the northern coast of Peru. With approximately 6.5 kilometers of extension, this beach is distinguished mainly by its white sand and its beautiful crystalline waters, it offers visitors a natural scenery of incomparable beauty. It is considered one of the best Peruvian beaches.

playas peruanas

Las Pocitas Beach (Piura)

The beautiful beach of Las Pocitas, located in the region of Piura, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the northern coast of Peru. This beach stands out for the small pools that form between the rocks of the shore when the tide goes out, creating a unique atmosphere of tranquility and natural beauty.

Colán (Piura)

This beach is on the north coast of Peru, it is better known as the “Esmeralda de Colan” due to the bluish-green color of its waters, especially during the summer season. This beach offers not only a beautiful landscape of fine sand but also unforgettable sunsets that paint the sky with beautiful and warm tones.

Peru beaches

Peru Beaches: in the Center of Perú

The beautiful white city of Arequipa and the city of Tacna have beaches with charm and options for lovers of tranquility, here we show you which ones:

Camaná (Arequipa)

The province of Camaná, located in the center of the coast of Arequipa, has a circuit of beaches that attract both local habitants and visitors. These beaches are: La Punta, Cerrillos and La Miel are some of the crowded beaches that are part of Camaná, they offer spaces to enjoy the sun and the sea.

Peruvian beach

Ilo (Tacna)

In the province of Ilo, in the department of Tacna, lies a coastal destination that perfectly combines the charming and exciting beaches of Ilo with adventure sports. Waikiki, known by its name inspired by the famous Hawaiian beach, offers a unique experience for lovers of the sea and fun in the sun.

Peruvian beaches

Marine Gastronomy to enjoy at the beach


Peruvian ceviche is an exquisite dish that fuses the freshness of the sea with gastronomy. Considered ” Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad”, ceviche has conquered palates worldwide and has become a symbol of the culinary richness of Peruvian gastronomy. We recommend you try this delicious dish while enjoying your trip to the Peruvian beaches.

peruvian beaches

Choritos a la Chalaca

The “Choritos a la Chalaca” represents a delicacy of Peruvian gastronomy, a dish that enriches the table with marine flavors and a unique blend of fresh ingredients. This dish is a popular choice on the coast of the country and a sample of the culinary diversity that characterizes Peru.

peru beaches

Jalea de Pescado o Mariscos

“Jalea de Pescado o Mariscos” is an emblematic dish of Peruvian gastronomy that combines the freshness of the sea with an explosion of flavors and textures. This delicious preparation has become a very popular option on the Peruvian coast, captivating locals and visitors alike with its unique blend of crunchy seafood and fresh dressings.

peru beaches

Peruvian beaches are part of the geographical and cultural diversity of the country, summer 2024 on the Peruvian coasts promises to be an unforgettable experience. Each region offers a unique gift to visitors, do not miss the opportunity to know these beaches and live a memorable trip.

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