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Discover the Perfect Days for your Trip, here you will see which are the Non-working Days and Holidays in Perú 2024.

Welcome, passionate traveler, to this guide to plan your trip to Perú in 2024. This year, Peru allows us to enjoy 16 days off throughout the year, more than ever. In this post, you will discover the holidays and non-working days that offer the perfect occasion and opportunity to explore the cultural and natural richness of Perú.

Planning vacations and rest periods are essential for all workers in Peru, whether they are in the private or public sector, and the 2024 holiday calendar becomes a key tool for planning this.

The Government of Peru has expanded the calendar of holidays and non-working days for 2024, giving you 16 days to escape from routine, travel, and delve into the wonders of this country. Are you ready to take a trip on these holidays? Here is the detailed holiday calendar for 2024, marking the key dates for your travel agenda.

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Calendar of Non-working Days and Holidays in Peru 2024

New Year’s Day (January 1)

The celebration of the New Year in Peru is a festive event that marks the beginning of the calendar year. This festivity takes place on January 1st and is a moment of joy and renewal throughout Perú. Start the year by immersing yourself in the New Year celebrations, traveling, and visiting different places in our country, you can even spend the new year in one of the regions of our country.

Holidays in Perú 2024

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday (March 28 and 29)

Experience Holy Week in Peru, experiencing the cultural and religious traditions that characterize this period. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are two important days within the Holy Week, a Christian celebration that commemorates the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can enjoy this long holiday, and you can’t miss to taste the typical dishes that are prepared during these days.

Holidays in Perú 2024

Labor Day (May 1)

May 1, which is most known as Labor Day, is a significant date in the calendar of festivities in Perú. This celebration highlights the labor and contribution of the workers in the development of our country. Celebrate Labor Day a well-deserved break and explore the wonders that Peru has to offer, this is one of the most important holidays in Peru in 2024.

San Pedro and San Pablo (June 29)

The feast of San Pedro and San Pablo, which takes place on June 29, is one of the most important religious celebrations in the Peruvian calendar. This date commemorates two figures that are part of the Christian tradition: San Pedro, who is considered the main apostle and the first pope, and San Pablo, a prominent apostle and evangelizer.

Fiestas Patrias in Perú (July 28 and 29)

The Fiestas Patrias in Peru, celebrated on July 28th and 29th, are a time of great significance for Peruvians, where the nation comes together to commemorate its independence and celebrate the country’s rich cultural diversity. These festivities reflect Peruvian history, identity, and pride. Join the patriotic celebrations on Fiestas Patrias and explore Peru’s national identity in the best way: traveling.

Holidays in Perú 2024

Santa Rosa of Lima (August 30)

The holiday of Santa Rosa de Lima, which is on August 30, is a special celebration in honor of the first saint of America and especially the patron saint of Peru. This festivity is not only a holiday but also an occasion to pay homage to the acts of charity that Santa Rosa had. Celebrate the life of Santa Rosa de Lima on this holiday in Perú 2024 and participate in the religious festivities that honor this Peruvian saint.

Holidays in Perú 2024

Combate de Angamos (October 8)

On October 8, Perú commemorates the Battle of Angamos, a crucial moment in the War of the Pacific that took place in 1879. This date is a holiday that knowing its history makes us reflect on the courage and sacrifice of the naval heroes who defended the sovereignty of our country.

Holidays in Perú 2024

All Saints’ Day (November 1 – 2) 

All Saints Day, celebrated on November 1st, is a holiday that honors the saints and departed in Perú. This occasion, marked by religious and cultural traditions, offers all people the opportunity to remember and venerate those who have passed away on a special day dedicated to them. It is one of the most important holidays in Perú 2024.

Immaculate Conception (December 8)

The Immaculate Conception, celebrated on December 8, is a feast that is more than anything else venerated by devotion in Perú, marking a day of special significance in the Peruvian religious and cultural calendar. It is a Marian feast that is deeply rooted in the Peruvian Catholic tradition.

Holidays in Perú 2024

Christmas (December 25)

Christmas in Perú is a celebration full of religious traditions and a vibrant mix of cultural influences in Peru. Throughout the country, from the cities to the rural communities, Christmas is lived with enthusiasm and joy, we could consider it one of the most important holidays in Perú, culminating the year celebrating Christmas and enjoying the festivities of this time of the year.

holidays in Perú 2024

New Holidays in Perú 2024

The Peruvian Government made an expansion in the non-working days and holidays in Perú in 2024 driven by law to recognize and highlight significant events in the history of Peru. Here we tell you what are these New Holidays in Peru 2024 declared by the government:

Peruvian Air Force Day (July 23)

Peruvian Air Force Day (July 23) This day pays tribute to the Peruvian Air Force and explores the connection between Peruvian culture and military history, on this date, the FAP Captain José Abelardo Quiñones is commemorated.

feriados en Perú 2024

Battle of Arica and Flag Day (June 7)

June 7th commemorates the Battle of Arica and honors the National Flag, these historical events are linked and represent the courage, loyalty, and patriotism of the armed forces and the Peruvian nation. Enjoy this day resting or taking a trip around our country.

feriados en Perú 2024

Battle of Junín (August 6)

This holiday commemorates the important event that allowed the consolidation of the later independence of Perú, the battle of Junin, which took place on August 6.

Battle of Ayacucho (December 9)

December 9 commemorates the Battle of Ayacucho, the last great confrontation of the wars of independence, marking the end of the struggle for Peruvian independence. This crucial confrontation between the pro-independence forces and the royalists consolidated the victory of the patriots, putting an end to almost a decade of conflict between the two.

feriados en Perú 2024

As conscious travelers, it is crucial to travel responsibly. Enjoy your travel and adventure on Perú 2024 holidays, respecting the local culture, and nature and contributing to the sustainable development of the communities in Peru that you visit.

2024 is the perfect year to explore the wonderful regions throughout Perú. With more free days than ever before, you have the opportunity to experience first-hand the cultural, historical, and natural richness of this country. Plan, respect, and enjoy every moment, and get ready for the most incredible travel experience in Perú!

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