5 Best Coffee Shops in Cusco

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Are you a coffee lover and want to try the Cusco coffee? Here we recommend the 5 best coffee shops in Cusco where you can live the experience of tasting the real Cusco coffee.

In our mystical and beautiful land of the Incas, Cusco, among its cobblestone streets and lively squares, coffee shops become true oases for travelers thirsty for authentic experiences and unforgettable flavors. The aroma of freshly ground Cusco coffee and the warmth of an atmosphere that is very welcoming are the fusion in many of the coffee shops found in the streets of Cusco. Each one of them has a unique history, which is a reflection of the great essence of this historic city full of contrasts.

Best Coffee Shops in Cusco

1. Barrio Café

This coffee shop is located on Calle 7 Angelitos in the neighborhood of San Blas, you can not miss to try their magnificent coffee when you come to this cafe, which has many varieties of coffee and make you try the coffee in the best and correct way. This coffee shop aims to spread coffee culture, know our origins and discover the whole world behind their delicious coffee.

Here you can try a peculiar fusion of coffee, called the “Cafecitrus” an exquisite drink made with orange juice and a touch of coffee that provides a unique flavor among all the varieties of coffee that this coffee shop has.

Location: Siete Angelitos Street 675, Cusco, Peru

Facebook: Barrio Café

best coffee shops in Cusco

2. Cafeto 109

This Cafeteria is located in the vicinity of the Plaza de Armas, is a Café Lounge that has a breathtaking view of the Plaza de Armas, which makes it one of the best cafes in Cusco, offers the best moments accompanied by an exquisite coffee and incredible desserts made by entrepreneurs who are in the same cafeteria, plus the varied menu, has delicious and varied coffees, snacks, soft drinks, desserts and coffee cocktails that are great.

Location: Portal de Panes 109

Instagram: Cafeto 109

best coffee shops in Cusco

3. Florencia y Fortunata

Cafeteria Florencia y Fortunata is a social enterprise whose main objective is to make visible the work of women in the world of specialty coffee, as they want to close the gender gap in the coffee sector. Their coffee lots come from different parts of Peru, especially Cusco and Cajamarca.

They also have a pastry shop with identity, but above all with a dynamic cuisine, based on seasonal ingredients and above all led by women.

Location: Suecia Street 332, History Center , Cusco, Peru 

Instagram: Florencia y Fortunata Cafe

best coffee shops in Cusco

4. Bunnu Café

Bunnu Café is a charming and cozy establishment located in the city of Cusco. This cafe stands out for offering a unique dining experience that combines the excellence of coffee with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It also has more than 10 years of attention and its excellent taste makes it the favorite coffee shop of many Cusqueños. They also have desserts and different dishes, healthy and very delicious that you have to try.

Location: Urbanization Santa Úrsula N-6, Cusco, Peru

Facebook: Bunnu Café

Best coffee shops in Cusco

5. Organika Bakery & Coffee

Organika Bakery & Coffee is a renowned bakery and coffee shop in Cusco located in our city. This establishment stands out for offering a unique culinary experience that combines the freshness and quality of its baked goods with excellence in the preparation of coffee. Organika Bakery & Coffee was born with the vision of offering its customers a healthy and delicious alternative in the world of bakery and coffee.

Locatcion: San Juan de Dios Street 214, Cusco, Peru

Facebook: Organika Bakery & Coffee 

Best Coffee Shops in Cusco

The coffee shops in Cusco are not only places to enjoy a cup of coffee, but represent true gastronomic sanctuaries where tradition, innovation and hospitality are still present. We recommend you to visit these 5 coffee shops in Cusco that we consider to be the best, do not miss the Cusco coffee experience when you visit the wonderful Inca citadel.

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