30 Quechua Names for Men

Quechua Names for Men
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Quechua Names for Men

Over time, the Quechua language became one of the main languages, not only in Cusco but in Peru. The official language of the Incas, was transcending from generation to generation in order to reach the different towns of the country and spread throughout all of South America.

What if your daughter or son had the name of an Inca god?

This is how many people today are amazed by the beautiful and unique meanings that each word of the Quechua language brings, which are inspired by nature and decide to give their children names in Quechua with a valuable meanings. Machu Picchu Peru Tours brings you different quechua names for men.

Names in Quechua for Men

If you are one of the people who is looking for an authentic, original name and, above all, that contains a beautiful meaning, we leave you this post of 30 names in Quechua for men with their respective translation so that you can choose what to call your next child.

1.- Quechua Names with the letter “A”.

Amaru: This word means “Wisdom, being intelligent and agile like a snake”.

Apu: Means “the Boss, the one who goes forward”.

Atauchi: “The one that makes us lucky”.

Astu: “Andean birds”.

Atuq: “Cunning as the fox”.

Auqui: Means “To be a prince”.

Asiri: “smiling or smile”.

Antay: “copper, coppery”.

Antawara: “copper star”.

Atiq: “Victorious”.

Akapana: “Wind whirlwind, little hurricane”.

Atipaj: “Winner”.

Awasiyaku: “laughing water”.

Achiq: “Light, clear, luminous”.

Ankuwillka: “The one of sacred resistance”.

Awkipuma: “Prince strong as the puma”.

Ataw: “Lucky”.

Atahuallpa: “Fortune bird. fortune maker”.

Apurimaq: “Sir eloquent, talkative”.

Antininan: “Copper like fire”.

Auk’a: “warrior, savage, enemy”.


2.- Names in Quechua with the letter “CH”

Champi: “The one who heralds a good news”.

Chikan: “Unique, different from all”.

Chun: Means “Being calm, quiet”.

Chuki: “Dancer”.

Chachapuma: “Human Lion”.

Chuwi: “Nice, pleasant, distinguished person”.

Chawpi: “The one in the center of everything”.

Chukilla: “Lightning, golden light, golden lightning”.

Chusku: “Fourth Child”.

Ch’uya: “Clear as water, pure”.


3.- Quechua Names with the Letter “I”

Illayuq: “The one who luminous, lucky, touched by the gods”.

Inti: “Sun god”

Inka: “Sir, boss, king”.

Iskay: “Second child, luck”.

Illika: “With luck”.

Inkill: “flowery meadow”.

Izhi: “Mist”.

Intichurin: “Son of the Sun”.

Itapallu: “shocking”.

Intiawki: “Sun Prince”.

Intiwaman: “sun hawk”.

Illapuma: “light cougar”.

Illapha: “Lightning”.


4.- Quechua Names with the letter “K”

Kallpa: “With force”.

Katari: “Snake”.

Kunturi: “Representative of the Gods, envoy of the ancestral spirits”.

Kusi: “Cheerful, happy, blissful”.

Kuntur: “COndor”.

Kiwa: “Grass”.

Kunaq: “He who advises, counselor”.

Kara: “Bare”.

Kukuri: “turtledove, pigeon”.

Khallwa: “Swallow”.

Kumya: “thunder, luminous”.

Kusiñawi: “Laughing, merry-eyed”.

Kukuyu: “Firefly”.


5.- Quechua Names with the letter “P”

Pachacútec: “The one who changes the course of the earth”.

Pawllu: o Paullu: “The one who concludes all the work done happily”.

Pacha: “Earth, world”.

Paqari: “Sunrise”.

Pikichaki: “Flea feet, light feet”.

Puma: “Strong and powerful. The one who came back from the afterlife”.

Pushaq: “Leader, the one who guides on the right path”.

Pillku o Pillqu: “red bird the freedom lover”.

Phuyu: “Cloud”.

Pariwana: “Andean flamingo”.

Pumawari: “Indomitable as the vicuña and strong as the puma”.

Pawllu: “The one who concludes, the one who brings to a happy end the work done”.

Phakcha: “waterfall, cataract”.

Pukyu: “Spring”.

Pichiw: “Birdie”.

Parya: “Sparrow”.

Puriq: “Walker”.

Pumakana: “Strong and powerful like a puma”.


6.- Quechua Names with the letter “Q”

Qhapaq: “Lord, rich in goodness. great, mighty, just and right”.

Qhari: “Man, male. strong and courageous”.

Qhispi: “Free, freedom”. “jewel, diamond”.

Qori: “gold, golden”.

Qhawa: “The one who watches, sentinel”.

Qoyllor: “star, dawn star”.

Qisu: “The one who appreciates the value of things”.

Qhaqya: “Thunder. Ray”.

Qhawana: “The one who is in a place from where everything can be seen”.

Qollqe: “Silver”.

Quriñawi: “He who has eyes of the color and beauty of gold”.

Qaylla: “next, close Unique”.

Qoni: “Warm”.


7.- Quechua Names with the letter “S”

Samin: “Lucky, fortunate, successful, happy and blissful”.

Sapay: “sole, main”.

Sayani “I stand up”.

Sayri: “Prince, the one who always gives help to those who ask for it”.

Sinchi: “Chief, strong, courageous, strenuous”.

Sulay: “The one who waits, Wait”.

Sach’a: “Wild, jungle. Tree”.

Sariri: “the one that goes on”.

Sathiri: “Sower”.

Sumaq: “Beautiful, cute”.

Suhay: “The one that is like yellow corn, fine and abundant”.

Shullka: “the last son”.

Sapaki: “alone, lonely”.

Sumainka: “Beautiful Inca”.

Shañu: “Brown as the color of coffee”.

Suksu: “He who regained his sight, health”.

Sumailli: “beautiful mist”.

Sinchiroka: “strong prince among the strong”.

8.- Quechua Names with the letter “T”

Tupac: Means “The Sir”. it was the name of a lot of Inca emperors

Takiri: “The one who creates music and dances”.

Tawa: “The forth (son)”.

Thani: “Healthy”.

Tamya: “Rain”.

Taki: “song, music, dance”.

Thayari: “Cold wind”.

Tinku: “Meeting”.

Thaluqui: “Tough”.

Tutayan: “Evenning”.

Tinkupuma: “The one who fights like a puma”.

Tupakusi: “joyful and majestic”.


9.- Names in Quechua with the letter “Y”

Yupanki: Means someone who is “honored”.

Yawar: “Blood”.

Yanay: “My little brunette”.

Yaku: “Water”.

Yurak: “White”.

Yori: “Sunrise. The one that dawns, wakes up to life”.

Yawri: “Copper”.

Yachay: “Wisdom”.

Yupanki: Exclusive Quechua name for boys that means: “one who has honor, honored.”

Yamki: “Title of nobility, sir”.


As you can see, the quechua language is very special and admired in the Andean region of Peru. Its beautiful meaning gives value to each word that has now become the favorite names to give their children. Tell us which name you liked the most.

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