Best Peruvian Cocktails

mejores cocteles peruanos
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10 Best Peruvian Cocktails

In this article, we let you the list of the 10 best Peruvian cocktails that you should not miss, pay attention:

1.- Machu Picchu

The name of the cocktail Machu Picchu is in honor of the marvelous of the world’s most popular Perú. Also, that can remind us of the flag that popularized Tahuantinsuyo in 1973 with the motive of his 25th anniversary and then buying the region of Cusco as an emblem of the Inca Empire (well remembered in people’s minds for its similarity to the gay pride flag).

This famous cocktail is a mix of many flavors, that combine the sweet with the sour, and it makes perfect for any reunion with friends or for a refresh after some large trip to the country.

Best Peruvian Cocktails

Machu Picchu Cocktail

2.- Calientito

This drink is normally found in Cusco and Puno and other tourist places where is very popular. Although his preparation is usually based on pisco, also you can make it with Ron, vodka, or other distillates.

His mix of lemon, kion, hot tea, and pisco, makes an ideal remedy for the flue. The ingredients of this cocktail are classic tea, 1 pound of pisco, 3 pounds of hot water, kion or ginger, it can be chopped or sliced, and a few drops of lemon.

Calientito, Bebida Peruana, Coctel Peruano


3.- Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is a mix of vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, and blueberry juice that gives the most select palates a delicious flavor that combines the essence of the fruits and liqueur. Its peculiar presentation makes it the talk of the bar as if it were one of the most popular parties.

Best Peruvian Cocktails


4.- Capitán

The Capitán is a strong drink that comes from the 20s when the captains of the Peruvian army in the mountain range of Puno ordered this drink that imitates Manhattan in Nueva York. This drink is composed of pisco and vermut the same as pisco sour, it should drink with calm to prevent it from going to our heads too quickly.

Its consumption is not very popular but is easy to find it in many bars and restaurants, above all, all the bars in history like the Queirolo, Juanito de Barranco or the Pisselli, also in Barranco.

Best Peruvian Cocktails


5.- Chilcano of Pisco

Today the chilcano has taken a big position in national consumption and it’s elaborated with pisco macerates of different flavors. In many bars, we can find chilcanos of kion (ginger), chilcano of aguaymanto, chilcano of coca, and others. Since 2010 it has celebrated the Chilcano Week in Perú all the second weeks of January.

Best Peruvian Cocktails

Chilcano of Pisco

6.- Pisco Sour

Pisco is Peru’s flagship drink, part of Peru’s gastronomic legacy that derives from the port of Pisco located in the south of the country, it is a distillate made from grapes whose essence is exquisite and stands out for its incomparable fragrance.

Different expert bartenders have used this popular Peruvian cocktail to create different variations.

best peruvian cocktails

Pisco Sour

7.- Algarrobina Cocktail

The Algarrobina Cocktail comes from the north of Perú. This cocktail is one of the favorites of all the Peruvians. It is prepared to base the carob syrup, a substance extracted from the carob plant and whose flavor is very delicious.

In the same way, it included milk, egg yolk, sugar, cinnamon, and most importantly: the pisco. That should be served very cold for a best taste.

Best Peruvian Cocktails

Algarrobina Cocktail

8.- Sun and Shadow

Other traditional cocktails are elaborated with pisco. Similar to the chilcano classic, the sun, and shadow are distinguished for having the recipe of liquor of cherry, which gives a special color, and with slices of oranges with decoration. These fruits represent the sun and shadow, respectively.

best peruvian cocktails

Sun and Shadow

9.- Biblia

This cocktail is the most sophisticated on the list. Was created in the middle of the past century and served in the principal hotels in the center of Lima, it prepared to base of Pisco, Milk, oporto, cream of cacao, and egg yolks. But careful, the flavor is soft, but it used to be dangerous.

Best peruvian cocktails

Biblia Coctel

10.- Pisco Sunrise

This cocktail refers to the “Tequila Sunrise” and is prepared in a base of orange juice, grenadine, gum syrup, and ice. Soft, sweet, and refreshing, this could be the description of this famous cocktail.

mejores cocteles peruanos

Pisco Sunrise

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