The Best Restaurants in Miraflores

Los mejores restaurantes de Miraflores
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The Best Restaurants in Miraflores

The Peruvian capital is one of the biggest places of Peruvian Gastronomy in America Latina and worldwide. In this article on Machu Picchu Perú Tours you will know the Best Restaurants in Miraflores, where you can taste the best flavors, typical dishes of Perú, and of course the fusion and international kitchen.

In reality, there are many places to eat in Lima, but this time we will focus specifically on this point of the capital; for this we recommend a variety of options according to the list of Travel Choice of TripAdvisor of the best restaurants in Miraflores that you should go:

1. Barra Maretazo

best restaurants in Miraflores

Barra Maretazo is just 5 minutes from Kennedy Park, in Miraflores. This place is tiny but cozy, with a good environment and a modern aesthetic.

The menu of the restaurant specializes in ceviche and in all the classes of recipes with fish, including rice and pasta. Also, you can find a wide variety of drinks, and like the entrance they serve “Causa” and two vegetarian options, becoming the first of the best restaurants in Miraflores.

Location: Alcanfores Street, 377 (Miraflores)

2. Poke 51

best restaurants in Miraflores

If you are in Miraflores, then sure that you can hear talk of Poke 51, this place is the ideal point for meeting and enjoying lunch and dinner.

Don’t search for excuses, because you can go in the night and meet with your friends or partners at work after having a heavy day, and if you are a lover of Asian food, then you can taste the delicious makis, sushi, sashimi and more, form part of the best restaurants in Miraflores.

Location: Av. La mar 1263 (Miraflores)
Web Site:

3. Fuego Smoke House

best restaurants in Miraflores

Without any doubt, you can return again! This restaurant offers the best in meats and grills, and has one of the best chefs Cristian Bravo that have unique experience in addition he has a lot of experience at “A&M Texas University” where he learned new cuts of meat and demonstrated in his presentations.

This restaurant Fuego Smoke House has different options on its menu like Tartar de Lomo Fino, Conchas al Kamado, Entraña Angus, Pulled Pork, Matambrito gratinado, and more.

The best place for the lovers of meats and grills you can go without trying cocktails.

Location: Coronel Inclán Street 221, Miraflores


4. Bao!

best restaurants in Miraflores

Bao! Born with a concept inspired by Asian street food, you will find sandwiches made in steamed bread, rice bowls, and delicious desserts. I recommend the BAOS fried chicken, bacon, crab burger, and the bombita fuji which consists of a crispy minpao which is filled with blancmange.

We recommend you explore new flavors, the baos are the center of the restaurant.

Location: José Domingo Choquehuanca Street 411 Miraflores (alt. Cuadra 12 de La Mar)

Instagram: @baolima

5. Mayta Restaurant

best restaurants in Miraflores

Mayta significance “Noble Land”, in Aymara, a spectacular place inside and out, complies with all biosafety protocols. Try the main course of Mayta Restaurant as Lomo y Langostino al wok, but as an appetizer, they serve ribs bathed in sweet chili and tucupi.

If you are a lover of meat, in addition to tasting new flavors, this is the perfect place for you. You can order the Cabrito Braseado bathed in Amazonian curry, with meat accompanied by a cauliflower puree.

A spectacular taste! Don’t forget the drinks, I recommend you try the Botanical gin-based (infusion of matcha tea, pineapple, apple, and lime that leaves a sweet and sour taste, or you can also try the Humo Punch highly recommended drinks among others.

And finally, sweeten your palate with delicious desserts that will leave you satisfied and wanting to come back again.

Location: Avenue Mariscal La Mar 1285, Miraflores 15027

Instagram: @maytalima

6. Central Restaurant

best restaurants in Miraflores

Central Restaurant

The Central Restaurant is a culinary gem that stands out for its focus on avant-garde Peruvian cuisine. Founded by the famous Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez, this establishment has earned a worldwide reputation for its creativity and commitment to Peruvian biodiversity and how it fuses with gastronomy.

His dishes are an explosion of authentic and local flavors, using little-known indigenous ingredients. Central offers a unique dining experience in an elegant and contemporary setting. No wonder it has been recognized as the best restaurant in Latin America and the world, according to the prestigious 50 Best Latam and 50 Best rankings.

Location: Av. Pedro de Osma 301 Barranco, Lima 15063 Perú

Web Site:

7. Maido

best restaurants in Miraflores

It is within the ranking of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America and one of the best restaurants in Miraflores Lima, during the year 2020 occupying the second place, just as in 2019 was ranked tenth for its splendid combination of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.

The fusion was introduced by Japanese immigrants who love the cuisine, and today this fusion is known as “Nikkei cuisine”, as it shows the best of both culinary cultures.

Location: San Martin Street 399, Miraflores

Pagína Web:

8. Restaurant IK (Ivan Kisic)

best restaurants in Miraflores

The IK Restaurant, led by chef Ivan Kisic, is another outstanding culinary restaurant located in Miraflores. This restaurant is known for fusing Peruvian tradition with Asian influences, creating a unique gastronomic experience that surprises even the most demanding palates.
The dishes of this restaurant are a visual and gustatory work of art, with a perfect presentation and exquisite flavors.

The restaurant is located in a corner of Miraflores and offers a sophisticated and personalized experience that combines with its high-quality culinary value proposition. If you are looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Lima, IK Restaurant is a choice not to be missed.

We would like to pay a sincere tribute to Chef Ivan Kisic, who led with passion and creativity the IK Restaurant in Miraflores. We deeply appreciate his contribution to Lima’s gastronomy and send him our respect and admiration.

Location: Elías Aguirre Street 179, Miraflores

Instagram: @ik_restaurante

9. Costazul Seafood Restaurant

best restaurants in Miraflores

Please your palate and visit one of the best restaurants that offer delicious dishes based on fish, seafood, and fresh ingredients. Undoubtedly, it is the best place to visit in a group with friends, surprise your partner, or better yet your family ask for the best special promotions they have for you.

It also has another option, you can enjoy the good music that accompanies our evening with family, and friends. Do not wait so long to visit this place.

Location: Calle Berlin 899, Miraflores
Web Site:

10. Cebicheria La Mar

best restaurants in Miraflores

Another option for seafood lovers. La Mar restaurant offers you a variety of dishes with the best options of Peruvian cuisine, directed by chef Gaston Acurio where each dish shows something very important.

You can taste its diverse culinary presentations, such as the traditional Peruvian causa, a stew of mashed potatoes with layers of seafood, covered with sauces, and more. Always contrasting each flavor of each dish, their desserts, and delicious drinks.

Location: Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores
Web Site:

11. Saqra

best restaurants in Miraflores

Saqra is a restaurant with a Quechua name that means “naughty or mischievous”. The bar-restaurant represents modern Peruvian cuisine being different from the others that are traditional or folkloric.

The place is ideal because it offers entertainment and fun, perfect for family gatherings, friends, and even work; it offers a variety of Peruvian food with a unique combination of flavors, colors, and preparation.

In addition, one of the policies of the restaurant is that “everything is for sale” This means that if a painting or sculpture catches your attention you can take it home, this has not been seen in other restaurants so it is different from the others and every time it surprises its diners with its food and decorative accessories, this is also considered one of the best restaurants in Miraflores.

Location: Av. la Paz 646, Miraflores

Pagína Web:

12. Rafael

best restaurants in Miraflores

It offers one of the best gastronomic experiences since its cuisine is influenced by three culinary traditions: Italian, Peruvian, and Japanese. The atmosphere has a republican style, being very comfortable and warm to enjoy the dishes and its best liquors, being part of the best restaurants in Miraflores.

Location: San Martín Street 300, Miraflores

Web Site:

So far with the best restaurants in Miraflores Lima, now it’s up to you to choose among these to go with your friends, and family and enjoy the best dishes they offer and taste the most of each of them.

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