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bares en mancora
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Mancora has it all. Its beautiful beaches and rich gastronomy, make this fantastic place one of the favorite places for national and foreign tourists.

Read on! Here we leave you the best recommendations of the best bars in Mancora and enjoy its nightlife.

Top 10 Bars in Mancora

1.- Loki del Mar Máncora

Loki is one of the favorite bars in Mancora for locals. Here you will get out of the routine and enjoy the comfort with an incredible atmosphere out of the ordinary and its variety of drinks and food a la carte.

Loki is located at Avenida Piura 262, Mancora and every weekend they have live shows to spend a moment in the company of your friends.

Location: Av. Piura 262, Máncora

Facebook : Loki Del Mar Mancora 

bars in mancora

2.- The Point

If you are in Mancora, you must visit The Point. Its facilities have a swimming pool inside and you can meet very nice people with good vibes.

If beers are your thing, The Point is the ideal place for you. It is located a few meters from the beach and has a good treatment to its visitors.

Location: Las Lagunas de Mancora

Facebook : The Point

bars in mancora

3.- Wiracocha Resto Club – Surf

Wiracocha is another favorite bar for visitors. It is located on the seafront boulevard of Mancora.

This bar has a surfing area for those who wish to learn this sport and its tropical drinks are the most exquisite in the area.

Location: Au. Panamericana Nte. 262, Máncora

Instagram : Wiracocha Mancora

bars in mancora

4.- Terraza Casa Blanca Máncora

This bar is located in the heart of Mancora and is cataloged as one of the best bars in Máncora for having an incredible night in the company of your friends and partner.

Location: Au. Panamericana Nte. 229, Máncora

Instagram : Terraza Casa Blanca

bars in mancora

5.- Atelier Vino Bar

Atelier Vino Bar is a good place to start the night with your friends. Here you can try exquisite drinks and snacks.

Like their name, their specialty is the wines. In addition, each weekend this bar helps the talent of the zone and invites various music groups to make live shows.

Location: Panamericana  Norte, Máncora, Peru

Facebook: Atelier Vino Bar

bars in mancora

6.- La Sirena D’Juan

Sirena D´Juan is not only a known restaurant in Mancora, but also because of the nights in this bar prepare their famous drinks in the zone.

On the second floor of the establishment, you can appreciate the incredible views of the city.

Location: Av Piura 316 Máncora

Instagram: La Sirena d’Juan

bars in mancora

7.- Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean is a marvelous bar for spend in the company of your partner or friends. The attention is incredible and their good music makes them one of the favorite places for visitors.

Location: Prolongación Centro Veraniego, Máncora

Facebook: Blue Ocean

bara in mancora

8.- El Ají Grill y Bar

El Ají Grill y Bar is located on Contramirante Villa Street and offers their visitors a comfortable environment with delicious drinks and dishes on the menu.

If you want to have a good moment in Mancora, this place is the best bar of Mancora for many people.

Location: Interior piura, Máncora

Facebook: El Ají Grill & Bar 

bars in Mancora

9.- Sunset Bar

Sunset Bar is located on the old Panamericana Norte 196 in Mancora and is one of the bars in Mancora with incredible facilities.

Its style is modern and pleasant for everyone. Here you will have a good treatment and the cocktails are exquisite. You can also taste their beers.

Location: Antigua Pan. Norte 196 Playa de las pocitas, Máncora 1049 

Instagram: Sunset Bar

bars in mancora

10.- Palosanto Backpackers

This bar is in front of the sea. Besides being a bar at night, you can also stay here as it is a hostel open 24 hours a day for its visitors.

Location: Av. Piura 209, Máncora 0511 Perú

bars in Mancora

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