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If you are in Barranco in Lima, surely you will have noticed several places to spend a night full of fun in a pleasant atmosphere.

Well, here we leave you the recommendations of the best bars in Barranco and spend a pleasant moment with your friends or partner. Are you ready?

1.- Barranco Beer Company

At Barranco Beer Company you will spend a very pleasant moment, accompanied by good music and first-class service.

If you are a lover of craft beers, you will enjoy every moment in this place. The drink is not bottled, so you will taste a beer fresh from fermentation.

You will find more than 10 varieties of craft beers, between soft and strong.

Barranco Beer Company


2.- Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem offers its visitors a variety of à la carte cocktails in the Barranco district. In addition, this place has music and a live show on weekends to spend a pleasant moment with your friends or your partner.

Its varieties of drinks make Carpe Diem one of the best bars in Barranco.

Barranco, Carpe Diem Barranco


  • Location: Boulevard Sánchez Carrión 110 Int.D Lima 04 Barranco
  • Phone number: +51 991 460 051
  • Socialmedia

3.- Ayahuasca Restobar

The Ayahuasca Restobar is located in the Berninzon Mansion, it is a large house in the Barranco district from the Republican era of the years 1875 and 1895.

The Ayahuasca bar is considered one of the best bars in the world due to the quality of its drinks, excellent attention and good service. In its facilities you can feel comfortable with its cultural identity.

Ayahuasca Restobar


4.- DaDa Restobar

At DaDa Restobar you will find one of the best atmospheres in the Barranco district. It is located on Avenida San Martín 154. This place is considered an unmissable point in your visit to the Barranquino district.

Its delicious cocktails stand out, as well as the culture, music and rich gastronomy typical of this magical place.

Dada Restobar, Barranco


5.- Garrinson Bar and Beer Garden

If craft beers are your favorite, Garrinson Bar and Beer Garden is your go-to. This place is located on Avenida 28 de Julio 203, in the district of Barranco, Lima.

In addition to the craft beers, you can taste their drinks on the menu, such as whiskeys and local cocktails.


6.- Barra 55

Barra 55 is another of the best bars in Barranco. It is located on Avenida 28 de Julio 206, in the district of Barranco.

The specialty of Barra 55 is its gin, but you can also find a variety of piscos, whiskeys, rums, among others.

Barra 55 Bar, Bares en Barranco, Visitar Barranco, Mejores Bares del Perú


  • Location:
    Av. 28 de Julio 206 D 15063 Barranco, Peru
  • Bookings:
  • Social  media

7.- Curayacu Tiki Bar

Curayacu Tiki Bar is an ideal place for authentic people. Its original place and its splendid attention make it one of the best bars in Barranco.

This place is located at Avenida Miguel Grau 111. Among its specialties is the Tiki Cocktails, they also include delivery service.

Barranco, Curayacu Tiki Bar, Bares de Barranco, Bares de Lima


  • Location: Av. Almirante Miguel Grau 111, Barranco
  • Phone number: +51 952 957 151
  • Web site
  • Social  media

8.- Picas Bar y Lounge

Picas Bar and Lounge invites its visitors to enjoy its exquisite “tapas” and wines. This place is located near the Bridge of Sighs, in Barranco.

Its facilities are modern and old style, making it a bar with good style. Incredible music sounds at all hours so you can enjoy your night to the fullest.

Picas Bar, Bares en Barranco, Bares de Lima, Qué hacer en barranco


9.- Lions´s Head

Lion’s Head is located at Avenida Grau 268, and is considered one of the best bars in Barranco since here you can enjoy live music, good cocktails and delicious food.

Lion's Head Barranco, Bar Lion's Head, Bares de Barranco


  • Location: Av Almirante Miguel Grau 268
    Distrito de Barranco
  • Phone number: +51 947 377 858
  • Web site
  • Social media

10.- Hechizos de Luna Pub

Hechizo de Luna is a Pub Bar in the Barranco district, here you can enjoy its variety of drinks and à la carte dishes.

Hechizo de Luna, Bar de Barranco, Mejores bares de barranco, Bares de Lima


  • Location: Calle Ermita 108 Barranco Lima 04 Barranco
  • Phone number: (01) 2474876
  • Social  media:

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