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Fiestas y festividades del Cusco
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The City of Cusco is not only a beautiful place because of its archeological sites, but also for the incredible culture that, to this day, you can see in the holidays and festivals in Cusco that involve of magic.

Cusco has a lot of festivities in general, the majority of these, are celebrated in honor of a Saint and are part of the Christian calendar adopted for the colonial era, although they are mixed with the magic beliefs of old ways of adored.

Here, we gonna show you the main festivals in Cusco. Take attention:

1.- Feast of Señor de los Temblores

This procession celebrates the Monday before Easter and dates back to the earthquake of the 1950s. This celebration is of particular interest, that permits to the visitors observe the fusion between the Andean religions and Christianity.

The image of the Señor de los Temblores is translated in procession by the streets of the city of Cusco like the Incas made it to translate the mummies of their chiefs, high priests, and rulers.

Finally, the main part of the celebration involucrate the ñucchu flower, used as an offering to the ancient gods such as Huiracocha. The same flower, that today is used to make the crown of Señor de los Temblores. This is one of the most important festivals in Cusco.

festivals of Cusco

2.- Feast and Procession of Señor de Qoyllority

The more traditional Andean rites of the festival and procession of the Señor de Qoyllority are less well known than the spectacular Inti Raymi, which is celebrated at the foot of Ausangate at 4,700 meters above sea level on the Tuesday before Corpus Christi in late May or early June.

They are accompanied by different dancers (chauchos, qollas, pabluchas or ukukus) that symbolize different mythical characters. The ukukus (bears) are the watchers of the Lord, as well as of Apus and apachetas (mounds of stones placed by the pilgrims, as atoned sins), and those who maintain the discipline during the liturgical acts.

A group of strong Queros, inhabitants of what is perhaps the purest Quechua community in Peru, disguised as “pabluchas” in search of the Snow Star that is locked in their entrails.

festivals of Cusco

3.- Feast of Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi Festival has been celebrated throughout Peru since colonial times but reached its peak in Cusco. 15 Saints and Virgins from different districts are carried in a procession to the Cathedral where they “receive” the body of Christ incarnated in the Sacred Host.

The celebration of Corpus Christi gathers thousands of faithful devotees around Marian representations, saints, Santiago and the Blessed Sacrament, it is one of the most popular festivities in Cusco.

In this festivity there is no discrimination of race or social status because everyone has the right to attend and render devotion to their patron or saint.

festivals in Cusco

San Jerónimo in Corpus Christi

4.- The incredible Carnivals of Cusco

In the carnival season, there are different competitions, mainly the corsos where the different villages face each other with the great color of their floats, costumes, and dances, the latter allowing to keep the traditions of this Peruvian region still in force and among which are the Carnival of Cusco, along with huaynos and the famous Carnival of Tinta. This is one of the most awaited festivities and celebrations of Cusco.

On this date, there are also different gastronomic festivals in Cusco where exquisite traditional dishes are exhibited and offered for sale, among them Timpu, puchero, Kapchi de habas and frutillada.

festivals of Cusco

Timpu, a typical dish in Carnavales Cusqueños, is one of the most awaited festivities and celebrations in Cusco.

5.- Festivals in Cusco: Pilgrimage to the Señor de Huanca

The Pilgrimage of the Señor de Huanca is an important celebration that takes place in Cusco and whose central date is September 14th.

It is a walking tour that the people and the faithful devotees of the Lord make from their different villages to the Sanctuary itself, located in a place that responds to the name of Huata Piedra Negra.

Santuario del Señor de Huanca

Santuary of Señor de Huanca

6.- The beautiful Festivity of Virgen del Carmen

The Festivity of Virgen del Carmen is full of color and music where hundreds of parishioners, people, and groups of dancers go out to accompany the image of the virgin.

In the dances of these men and women, you can feel not only the religious fervor that they show to the Mamacha, but also the gratitude that they profess to her and where the request for her protection is mixed.

festivals in cusco

7.- Pachamama Day

The day of the Pachamama is a celebration in which a tribute is paid to Mother Earth as a sign of gratitude for the food and protection given to human beings during the year before her homage.

In this festivity of Cusco, the man is the one who lets the earth rest from his incredible work and entertains it by feeding it, for this date it is tradition to bury in the earth different pots that are full of food destined to the divinity.

festivals in Cusco

8.- The traditional Santurantikuy

It is a fair that brings together many important artisans of the area and where exhibitions of their handcrafted products are held.

The most representative image of this fair day is undoubtedly the Niño Manuelito, which is the name by which the Baby Jesus is known and which is made of ceramic in different sizes and different positions.

festivals in cusco

Santirantikuy in the Plaza de Armas del Cusco

What festival is celebrated in June in Cusco?

The celebration of Inti Raymi is one of the most important festivities in Cusco. It takes place every June 24 in the city of Cusco, specifically in the ancient Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

It is a religious celebration that comes from Inca times, in which a representative of the Inca along with different representatives of the four suyos and emblematic figures of the ancient empire, make an appearance in the wide court of the aforementioned fortress, the staging of the ceremony begins with the entrance of a minor Inca who enters the Sacsayhuaman announcing the arrival of the concessionaires coming from the four suyos in addition to the Inca.

It culminates with a representation of the Inca festival of the winter solstice in Sacsayhuaman. Despite being very touristy, it is worth seeing its dances and street parades, as well as the pageantry at Sacsayhuaman.

festivals in Cusco

Inti Raymi the feast of the Sun

As you see the festivities and festivals in Cusco are a vibrant reflection of the rich cultural heritage and the fusion between ancient Inca traditions and the Spanish influence. These festivities are not only moments of celebration but also opportunities to preserve and transmit the historical and cultural legacy of Cusco, thus strengthening the sense of identity and community among the people of Cusco and those who visit this magical and fascinating city.

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