How to get to Huacachina from Lima 2023

Best ways to get to Huacachina from Lima 2023
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Ways to get to Huacachina from Lima in 2023

Here in our guide, we show you up-to-date and important information about available means of transport to make your dream journey to the Ica Oasis hassle-free.

Where is this desert oasis located?

The mysterious and beautiful oasis of Huacachina is located 5 kilometers from Ica and 350 kilometers away from Lima, the country’s capital city. It’s the ideal place to spend time with family and also enjoy romantic spaces with the sunrise/sunset visible from this location.

How to get there from Lima city?

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are several options to travel from Lima to Ica, according to your preferences, budget, and experience. Therefore, here we share some options to reach the Huacachina oasis without any problems.

Bus companies from Lima to Ica

Interprovincial Buses

If you are looking to make your journey at the lowest possible cost, here are some economic transport options to reach the city of Ica by bus. It is essential to consider that this type of transportation is widely used by local people, so prices, service quality, and safety will greatly depend on the company, rates, and dates you choose to travel.

Flores Hnos: This company is well known throughout northern Peru and has various vehicles with a wide range of destinations such as Arequipa, Lima, Puno, Trujillo, etc. Their departure times range from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and return times between 12:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. They have a website, through which you can reserve and purchase your tickets without difficulty. The total approximate cost to choose this option is 85 soles or 23 USD and it takes 5 and a half hours to reach Ica.

Perú Bus: Transport company with destinations to Lima- Ica, Pisco, and Paracas; if you decide to take this option, consider approximately 80 soles or 22 USD for a round-trip ticket; they have also their website and you can verify the timing, seats, and dates. They have departures from 12:00 to 22:00 hours, all week.

Cruz del Sur: A well-known company with a great track record, they offer national and international routes and destinations. Their fleet is modern and comfortable. They have departures from 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The approximate amount you could spend booking your round-trip ticket would be 110 soles/30 USD or more,  depending on timings, seats, and dates.

Now, it is also important to consider that once you reach Ica, you will need to take a bus or moto taxi to get to the Huacachina oasis, thereby adding about 5- 10 soles or 3 USD to your transportation budget.

Hop on, Hop off the bus:

Another more touristy type of transport known for its flexible timings and destinations is Peru Hop, a company that covers the Lima to Machu Picchu route (they also have Peru-Bolivia routes). During the journey, they make unique stops for you to visit tourist sites; plus, they pick you up from your accommodation, which is convenient for people who want to have an enjoyable travel experience.

The company’s message translates into allowing the traveler to travel at their own pace and have control over what to do, where to eat, and where to sleep. Costs vary according to the routes to choose and range from 129 soles/35 USD to more. They have fixed schedules and a guide on board to provide explanations relevant to the tourist destinations to visit.

2. Private Transportation

Another transport option, though more expensive but quickest, perfect for those who value time and comfort, is to take private transport. Costs range from 115.00 soles/32 USD (in collective private transport) to 350.00 soles/95 USD (in a private car). The approximate travel time is 4 and a half hours.

Traveler’s tips for getting to Huacachina from Lima:

  • If you’re traveling to this desert oasis for the first time, avoid carrying dollars and instead have local currency notes and coins in hand in addition to your cards to prevent any issues when purchasing souvenirs or participating in activities at the location.
  • Consider wearing comfortable shoes for walking amongst the sandy dunes.
  • Also, bear in mind that Huacachina consistently experiences a hot and dry climate, with the temperature intensifying even more from December to February. Always carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • Research bus availability, schedules, and more in advance to prevent setbacks on your trip to Huacachina. Consider booking ahead through reliable websites like ours.

If you’re considering touring with greater peace of mind and security, we recommend you opt for tour packages at local and formal travel agencies to make your travel experience something unique and memorable. We invite you to check out these tours in Ica.


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