Places to Visit in Huancayo

places to visit in huancayo
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Huancayo is known as “the indisputable city”, with different tourist places and fabulous natural attractions full of vegetation and beautiful landscapes. In this opportunity, we will present you the 8 best places to visit in Huancayo.

Where is Huancayo?

Huancayo is one of the districts that make up the province or department of Junin in Peru. Huancayo is a valley located 300 kilometers from the capital Lima.

The area surrounding Huancayo lends itself to all kinds of attractions and fun outdoor activities in every season.

Places to Visit in Huancayo:

1.- Bosque Dorado

Currently, it is one of the best places to camp and take fantastic photographs. Also, other visitors use it for the practice of relaxing exercises.

It is a forest that is characterized for being composed of golden quenales, which give its name to the space, and for being 10 kilometers from Huancayo in a high place of the Paccha annex.

places to visit in huancayo

Bosque Dorado in Huancayo

2.- Huanca Identity Park

This park builds the identity of the Huanca culture, recognizing artists through its monuments and images that will help you understand the folklore of Peru.

It is located in the neighborhood of San Antonio. Its constructions are made with stones and pirca, something typical of the Junin region.

In Plaza de la Identidad Huanca you can appreciate sculptures that represent the folklore of Huancayo like the dancers of Huaylarsh, singers of local music, and the mate burilado.

places to visit in Huancayo

Huanca Identity Park

3.- Torre Torre

Torre Torre or Bosque de Piedras are amazing natural asymmetrical formations made of 30 meter high rocks, where adventurous visitors can practice high trekking.

Visitors can arrive on foot and walk among the towers of clay and stone that reach up to 30 meters high. It is one of the best points to appreciate the Mantaro Valley.

places to visit in Huancayo

Bosque de piedras, in Huancayo

4.- Jauja

Jauja is famous for having been the first capital of the country at the beginning of its formation. It has an excellent climate and religious festivities, where you can visit the Iglesia Matriz de Jauja.

It is located in front of the main square of Jauja with its beautiful white facade and delight for the Virgin of the Rosary.

places to visit in Huancayo

Jauja Valley, or better known as Mantaro Valley.

5.- Concepción City

Concepción is located 22 kilometers northwest of Huancayo. Known as the tourist capital of the Mantaro Valley, this city was founded by the Spanish in 1537.

In the main square of Concepción, you can see a French-influenced fountain from the colonial era and from its viewpoint you can enjoy a privileged view of the entire Mantaro Valley.

places to visit in Huancayo

Virgin of Concepción, tallest statue in South America after Christ Corcovado in Brazil

6.- El Tren Alto

Accredited as the highest train on the planet, due to the extraordinarily high elevations achieved in the Peruvian Andes.

Visitors aboard the train will be able to appreciate the meandering Rimac River, the Infiernillo Viaduct, the extensive Ticlio Tunnel, the La Oroya mine town, the Cerro de Pasco deposits, and the Mantaro River.

The Central Andean Railway of Huancayo offers round trips.

places to visit in Huancayo

7.- San Jerónimo of Tunan

San Jeronimo de Tunan is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Huancayo, being a town that conforms Junin in Peru. You can find it 40 minutes, by car or cab, from the city, taking the route by Mariscal Castilla and then the 3S road.

places to visit in Huancayo

Parish of San Jerónimo de Tunán

8.- Nevado Huaytapallana

It is located two hours from the city of Huancayo and has among its most important attractions the numerous lagoons located around it, which give rise to some rivers in the area.

In addition, it is accompanied by the snow-capped mountains Lasuntay Grande and Lasuntay Norte. Tourists can go hiking, observing the change of landscape from urban to rural, being ideal for trekking. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Huancayo.

places to visit in huancayo

Nevado Huaytapallana

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