8 Places to Visit in Huaral

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Where is Huaral? These are the best places to visit in Huaral

The town of Huaral, also known as the “Capital of Agriculture” is located about 80 km. north of Lima, and only 10 km. from the town of Chancay.

In Huaral, you will be able to know the ancestral traditions of the civilizations that occupied its lands thousands of years ago. Therefore, we leave you a list of the best places to visit in Huaral, let’s start!

1.- Chancay

Chancay is one of the places for tourism in Huaral. It is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Huaral because there are many places of interest located in this area.

Areas such as the port of Chancay, have witnessed historical events of great importance as the Pacific War between Peru and Chile or the Castle of Chancay.

The Chancay Castle was built on a rocky cliff by Doña Consuelo Amat and León Rolando. It is said that it was in honor of the love she had for her deceased husband.

Places to Visit in Huaral

Chancay Castle

2.- Rúpac

Rúpac is a pre-Inca ceremonial site. The citadel is divided into 51 stone buildings and has stairways and courtyards, as well as warehouses. Some of the buildings can reach up to ten meters high and their uses varied from tombs to towers.

The reconstructions are quadrangular with triple spires, with roofs built with boulders and massive arched roofs.

Places to Visit in Huaral


3.- Casa Hacienda Huando

This hacienda is known for being one of the most emblematic tourist spots due to the legend of its origin.

Once the mother of the famous “Naranjas Huando”, today La Casa Hacienda Huando is a must see destination.

Places to Visit in Huaral

Casa hacienda Huando

4.- Río Seco Beach

Rio Seco beach is one of the most pleasant tourist places in the province of Huaral. Located between the region of Huaral and Huara, in the regions of Chancay and Huacho.

On the banks of the Rio Seco you can find kiosks scattered throughout the site, it also has showers and a parking lot. The beach is perfect to enjoy with friends and family or to relax in solitude while contemplating the spectacular view from the coast.

Places to Visit in Huaral

Rio Seco Beach

5.- Pueblo de Pampas

The population of Pampas is located completely abandoned, credited by many as the ghost town. The dwellings as such are very abandoned but are still standing, but no one lives in them.

The only property that receives weekly painting and cleaning maintenance is the town’s chapel.

Places to Visit in Huaral

Pueblo de Pampas

6.- Huaral Main Square

Huaral Main Square is one of the best places to visit in Huaral, is located in the center, there you will find all the attractions that the town has to offer.

In its surroundings you will see markets and restaurants and you will appreciate the cheerful and jovial treatment of the natives of the region.

Places to Visit in Huaral

Huaral Main Square

7.- Marcakullpi Castle

The important building of this locality is the beautiful Marcakullpi Castle, it is surrounded by revealed mausoleums and a group of very well stored chullpas.

Numerous of these chullpitas still store skulls, and other bones with cranial imperfection, oblique curve. The Atavillos domain is known as the Machu Picchu Limeño.

Places to Visit in Huaral

Marcakullpi Castle

8.- Collpa Hot Springs

These hot springs are located in the community of Santa Catalina in Huaral, Lima. You can travel there by car, but the trip will take about three or four hours.

However, the waiting time to get there is justified because these thermal medicinal waters are ideal for combating different types of illnesses.

These thermal waters are also ideal for eradicating other aches and pains such as the effects of stress on the body.

Places to Visit in Huaral

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