The 12 Best Tourist Sites in Peru

lugares turísticos en Perú
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Peru is one of the world’s favorite destinations. Its beautiful tourist attractions, its incredible history, its delicious gastronomy, and its diverse cultures and traditions are waiting for you.

Therefore, in this article, we leave you the 12 best tourist sites in Peru. Let yourself be captivated by each of these must-see destinations on your next visit. Let’s get started!

What tourist sites in Perú visit the most?

1.- Santuario Histórico de Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is considered one of the 7 wonders of the modern world and is one of the most visited destinations in Peru.

It was built during the 15th century, during the Inca period. It is believed that this sanctuary was an important place of religious worship and rest during the reign of the Inca Pachacutec.

It is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, at 2,400 meters above sea level and 75 km from the city of Cusco, the ancient pre-Hispanic imperial capital. Its imposing stone constructions will leave you speechless.

tourist sites in peru

2.- Lake Titicaca and the Uros Floating Islands

Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world and the largest in South America, is located in Puno and its main attraction is undoubtedly its beautiful floating islands of the Uros, which are artificial surfaces built of totora reeds where the indigenous people of Peru live.

Here you will be able to experience tourism and learn more about their culture and customs.

Tourist Sites in Peru

3.- Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are located in Ica and are huge geoglyphs between the hills and the desert surface, in animal shapes such as hummingbirds, giant birds, monkeys, spiders, and frigate birds are some that you will see.

To this day, their reason for being is a mystery, but according to studies, they were a huge astronomical calendar or a place of water worship.

 lugares turísticos del Perú

4.- Colca Valley

The Colca Valley is another of the best tourist destinations in Peru. It is located in the department of Arequipa and is one of the deepest canyons in the world.

What you will appreciate about the Colca Valley are its incredible landscapes, the customs and traditions of its people, its diverse flora and fauna, and the archaeological constructions that this beautiful valley has.

If you visit this place, we recommend you to make a stop in its thermal baths and de-stress on your trip.

tourist sites in Perú

5.- Amazonas River

Amazonas River is considered the longest and most abundant in the world. It has a width of 4 kilometers between its banks and is surrounded by dense vegetation and beautiful landscapes typical of the Peruvian jungle.

In the Amazon River basin you can appreciate natural ecosystems and numerous native communities unique to the area such as the Boras, Witotos, among others. You can also interact with the aborigines of the Amazon and learn about their various ayahuasca rituals.

touristic sites in Perú

6.- Huascaran National Park

The Huascaran National Park is located in the department of Ancash, at 6,000 meters above sea level, and is a natural space responsible for protecting geological formations such as snow-capped mountains, the Cordillera Blanca, flora and fauna in general.

In 1985, this park was declared Natural Patrimony of Humanity and has 33 pre-Hispanic archeological sites. When you get there, you will be able to observe different species of birds and mammals such as the spectacled bear.

touristic place in Perú

7.- Islas Ballestas

They are a group of islands and rock formations located a few minutes from Paracas. In this place, you will be able to appreciate a great variety of marine creatures, such as sea lions, Humboldt penguins, pelicans, sea lions, among others. It is also possible to see the island’s gigantic geoglyph known as El Candelabro.

The tour is by boat and lasts approximately 2 hours: 30 minutes one way, 1 hour of wildlife observation, and 30 minutes of return.

 lugares turísticos del Perú

8.- Ventanillas of Otuzco

The windows of Otuzco are located in the province of Cajamarca and are an archaeological cemetery over 600 years old.

In this tourist place in Peru, you can appreciate the 337 niches where the skeletal remains of Peruvian ancestors were found.

touristic sites in Perú

9.- City of Chan Chan

The City of Chan Chan is located 5 kilometers from Trujillo and is considered the largest adobe city in the Americas and the second largest in the world.

This impressive archaeological complex is made up of palaces, mausoleums of the Chimú rulers, temples, canals, cemeteries, administrative centers, and elite residences, among others.

According to studies, this citadel was home to about 30,000 inhabitants and was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site.

touristic places in Perú

10.- Los Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary

If you are one of those people who like to do experiential tourism, the mangroves of Tumbes are the ideal place for you. It is located in the city of Tumbes and is one of the most touristic places in Peru.

One of its main attractions is the mangroves, trees that grow between the sea and the rivers of the area. Here you can go canoeing or kayaking to enjoy a better experience with nature.

touristic sites in Perú

11.- Huaca Pucllana

The Huaca Pucllana is considered one of the most important archaeological complexes in the city of Lima. It was built between 200 and 700 AD and is the most visited site museum in Peru.

It is an ancient pre-Columbian ceremonial center made of sand and adobe. It is divided into two areas: the Great Pyramid, 400 meters long, and the lower area where you will see squares and ancient enclosures considered as the residence of a priestly elite that controlled the political power.

 lugares turísticos del Perú

12.- Los Baños del Inca

Los Baños del Inca is located in the department of Cajamarca and is a spa of thermal medicinal waters with healing properties. If you are one of those people looking to relax on your trip, this place is ideal for you. This comfortable place was where the Inca Pachacutec used to wash himself.

According to research, these baths were built as a place to worship water and perform healing to its inhabitants.

The temperature of its waters exceeds 70 °C and its pools are closed for private use, while the outdoor pools are for common use.

touristic sites in Cusco

As you have already seen, Peru is a country that will take your breath away. From its breathtaking landscapes to its rich culture, Peru has something to offer to all travelers.

Now, do you dare to visit these 12 wonderful tourist attractions? We invite you to check out the Peru tour packages we have booked your tour with Machu Picchu Peru Tours today and start planning your trip to Peru.

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