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En el Humedal de Huasao podrás observar a Groot y otros personajes de la película Avengers y Señor de los Anillos
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A few minutes from the city of Cusco, there is a recreational park that is a popular place for many tourists and people from Cusco. The Huasao Wetland is a natural area with carved sculptures from 4 to 5 meters high with the theme of the characters from the Avengers movie (The Avengers), the Lord of the Rings and Guardians of the Galaxy such as: Groot, Ents, baby Groot, among others.

The Huasao Wetland is only 40 minutes away. It is famous for its scenic beauty, here you can find several species of flora and fauna; Above all, you will be able to escape for a moment from the city and relate to nature and care for the environment.

Distance from Cusco 20km south of the city, 45 minutes by car
Weather tempered
Height Above 3150 m.s.n.m
Best time to visit? Dry season from April to Octubre
What to do? Visit the nearby archaeological complexes, try bread in Oropesa, visit the nearby sculptures

Are you ready to discover the fantastic Huasao Wetland and its incredible science fiction characters?

In this post, discover this magical place with all the information you need to visit it.

How to get to the Huasao Wetland?

The Huasao Wetland is located in the Oropesa district of the city of Cusco. Between 40 to 50 minutes by road (approximately 19 kilometers). It is located in the town of Huasao, in the province of Quispicanchi.

Templo de Oropesa


How was the Huasao Wetland created?

According to the inhabitants of the area, previously, the Huasao Wetland was an abandoned place, becoming a source of contamination as a result of people’s mismanagement of solid waste.

With the support of the authorities and residents in general, they organized a plan to recover this natural resource. The Huasao Wetland is a theme park in the city of Cusco, where we can appreciate beautiful landscapes of nature and carved wooden sculptures made by the artist from Cusco, Juan Challco Chura.

They also highlight the figures of real and mythological animals such as turtles, birds, mermaids and more.

Flora and fauna of the Huasao Wetland

The Huasao wetland presents various types of plants such as the nihua, the molle, the nihua, the chillca, and the cantuta flower (known as the national flower of Peru). This park is located at 3,150 meters above sea level, and due to its height we can find different types of animals such as the gray heron, among others.

It is called Wetland because of the beautiful green water lagoon located in the park. In the waters of the wetland you will be able to appreciate ducks. Visitors who come to the park can be part of nature and green areas that, today, is cared for by the same residents of the area. You can also taste a delicious local gastronomy and play area for the children of the house.

Without a doubt, the Huasao Wetland is an attractive park to enjoy with your family, friends or your favorite person.

Humedal de Huasao


What to find in the Huasao Wetland?

In the Huasao Wetland you will find many attractions that will envelop you in its magic:

  • The sculptures of the Lord of the Rings (Ents) and Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot and baby Groot) about 5 meters high.
  • In the Huasao Wetland there are lagoons, known as “water mirrors” that are home to various varieties of flora.
  • The district of Oropesa is considered the “National Capital of Bread”, a few minutes from the Huasao Wetland, you can get to know the production of chutas, typical breads from the city of Cusco.
  • During the journey to the Huasao Wetland, you can make a stop to taste the best pork rinds and baked guinea pigs in Saylla.
  • Before reaching the Wetland, take a trip to the Archaeological Park of Tipón.
  • The ecological spaces that the park has are the homes of important wildlife and more than 20 species of birds.

Humedal de Huasao, atractivo parque en Cusco

How to get to the Huasao Wetland?

The Huasao Wetland is located near the city of Cusco, so it is easy to get to this park and enjoy its beautiful nature. Here, we mention the best options you have to get to know this magical place:

Arrive at the Huasao Wetland by collective bus:

From Avenida de La Cultura, in Cusco, you can take a bus in the direction of Huasao. The travel time by bus will be between 45 to 50 minutes approximately.

Arrive at the Huasao Wetland in a private vehicle:

You can take a taxi to Huasao Wetland, although not all taxis want to go. The journey will take approximately 30 minutes.

Arrive at the Huasao Wetland on a travel tour:

Carrying out Tours in Cusco, is the best and most recommended option that you can choose, the agency will help you with the transfer to this ecological park.

What are the opening hours to visit the Huasao Wetland?

The entrance to the Huasao Wetland is from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm, local time.

Atardecer en el Humedal de Huasao, una mano simula alcanzar el ocaso

What to take to the Huasao Wetland?

Remember to always carry your personal documents.
Bring a hat and sunscreen.
Plenty of water to hydrate during the tour.
You can take nuts, in case you feel hungry on the way.

Whichever option you choose, the Huasao Wetland is not far away, one more reason to go sightseeing and get to know this incredible place.

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