20 Quechua Names for Female

quechua names for female
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If you are one of the people who are looking for an original name for your daughter, but in Quechua, the native language of the Incas, you are in the right place. You are in the right place, here is a list of the most authentic names for women and their beautiful meanings, read on!

The best Quechua names for female

1.- Quechua names with the letter “A”.

Achirana:  It means to carry the gift of life, and welfare in their environment. Of good feelings and give the best of them always.

Aklla T’ika: The people with this name, are like the essence of the flowers that penetrate the conscious of being. The one that influences with shrewdness.

Allin Sunqu: Significance have a good heart. The one that is determined to succeed.

Asiri: Smiling or big smile.

2.- Quechua names with the letter “K”

Kantuta: The persons with this name are sweet and inspire cuteness. They don’t give up on any obstacle.

Kantu: Is considered the sacred flower of the Incas.

Killa: Significance moon.

Killa Illari: Significance “Moonlight”. The people with this name, are considered charismatic, mysterious, and intelligent. That illuminates the light of the moon.

Kusi: A happiness that comes from the inside and doesn’t depend on external factors.

3.- Quechua names with the letter “M”

Misky:  It means sweet and pleasant delicacy.

Munay:  It means pretty, beautiful, precious, wonderful.

4.- Quechua names with the letter “N”

Nina:  It means “Fire”. The person with this name has a strong, dynamic, and absorbing character like fire.

Nuna:  Meaning soul or spirit.

5.- Quechua names with the letter “Q”

Qori: That significant gold

Qorianka: It’s also known as a golden eagle.

Qoyllor:  It refers to the beautiful sunset.

6.- Quechua names with the letter “S”

Sami:  Fortunate, fortunate, successful, happy and blissful.

Sumaq:  Meaning nice, pretty, beautiful.

7.- Quechua names with the letter “W”

Wayra: It means the delicate wind.

Quechua is a wonderful language and knowing the meaning of its words gives it importance from the point of view of the Inca culture.

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