Best typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

platos tipicos de la costa peruana
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The Peruvian coast is known for its beautiful streets, culture and traditions, and important gastronomic diversity. The typical coast dishes show the world how delicious, varied, and rich they are based on native Peruvian products.

One of our country’s greatest treasures is, without a doubt, our gastronomy, which makes all Peruvians proud and is part of our culture. The typical dishes of the Peruvian coast are divided into marine cuisine and Creole cuisine. Each region adapts its dishes according to its products and customs.

Are you planning to visit the Peruvian coast and don’t know what to eat; don’t worry, we share with you a list of the best typical dishes of the coast, I assure you that more than one will delight you with its flavor. Are you ready?

What are the main typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast?

Here is a list of the 10 best dishes from the coast of Peru:

1.- Causa Limeña

The causa limeña is one of the typical dishes of Peru, which was consumed before the arrival of the Spaniards to the American continent.

It is a cold preparation of white and yellow potatoes (native potatoes of Peru), adding olives, onion, boiled egg, and a spoonful of yellow chili. It should be seasoned with oil, lemon, and salt to taste. To decorate this delicious dish, some people place an olive on top of the causa and enjoy its incredible flavor.

It is believed that the name causa comes from the word causal, which is a Quechua term meaning “giver of life”.

Best typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

2.- Ají de Gallina

Aji de gallina is one of the most famous dishes in Peru. This dish is not only delicious, but it is also easy to prepare, making it one of the favorite dishes of many. It arrived in Peru at the hands of the Spaniards and over time, it became what it is today.

It is the comfort food for many tourists. It could be said that aji de gallina is a broth of shredded chicken, which is boiled together with ground nuts. This broth is then added to a stir-fry of garlic, onion, parmesan, bread, and aji amarillo, where it is finished cooking.

Then it is served with a base of boiled potatoes and white rice. It is also accompanied by olives and boiled eggs. This dish is also found in various regions of Peru, although it is said that it is best prepared in Lima. Have you tried it?

Best typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

3.- El Ceviche de Pescado

Ceviche is the most famous traditional dish of the Peruvian coast, it was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation in 2004, and since 2008 the “National Ceviche Day” has been celebrated.

It is a dish that is prepared in many countries around the world, but Peru has a very simple formula with an explosive flavor. Is one of the most important typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast.

This dish has ingredients such as fish, lemon, chili, onion, cilantro, salt and pepper. All these ingredients are mixed in a bowl and left to rest for about 20 minutes until ready to enjoy.

Although there are several versions of its origin, it is said that it is a dish from the pre-Columbian era, and that with the arrival of the Spaniard’s lemon and onion were added.

Best typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

4.-Lomo Saltado

The lomo saltado is the most famous Creole dish and requested by thousands of tourists, it can be found in any restaurant and picantería in Peru, but the best lomo saltado is found in Lima.

The lomo saltado is a dish that was born at the end of the XIX century. Its preparation is simple but its flavor is incomparable, it consists of sautéing in a wok pieces of beef tenderloin with vegetables, yellow chili and soy sauce, onions and tomatoes.

At the end, it is served with rice and french fries. Are you ready to enjoy it?

Best typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

5.- Carapulcra con Sopa Seca

The carapulcra is one of the oldest dishes, it comes from the city of Chincha, located in south-central Peru. It mainly consists of the union of two traditional dishes, the carapulcra and the dry soup.

Originally prepared with llama or alpaca meat, nowadays it is cooked with pork or simply chicken.

In a frying pan with abundant oil, onion, red chili bell pepper and ground garlic are placed. As soon as the onion is well browned, add the pork (previously fried), a pinch of cumin and a little black pepper.

When the pork is ready, add dry potato previously toasted and soaked, a little bit of meat broth and a small glass of red wine. Finally add the roasted and ground peanuts and serve with yucca or white rice and some parsley to taste.

Best typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

6.-Tacu Tacu

According to history, tacu tacu was created by the communities of African slaves, brought them to America to perform physical labor.

In the beginning, tacu tacu was considered a hot dish is eaten at breakfast and was made by mixing rice with leftover food from the previous day and aji Amarillo.

Nowadays, it is usually a dish served at lunch along with a portion of meat and egg.

typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

7.- Tallarines Verdes

Usually, in Peru, green noodles are used to accompany some type of meat, although they are also consumed alone.

Although it is true that noodles are of Italian origin, when they arrived in Peru, their ingredients were replaced by those found in the coastal areas of the Latin American country.

For its preparation, pasta is cooked, preferably tagliatelle, and a sauce made with basil, spinach, evaporated milk, pecan nuts and Parmesan cheese is added. The basil gives it a very characteristic fresh flavor.

typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

8.- Seco de Cabrito

The seco de cabrito is one of the most traditional dishes of the northern coast of Peru. Its origin comes from the Arab culture and was brought by the Spaniards when they arrived in America, where it became a typical dish of the Peruvian coast.

The kid is cooked in the form of stew or stew, along with onion, chili, garlic, and cilantro, it is usually accompanied by beans, rice, and yucca.

This type of dish is generally used for special occasions or celebrations, such as a birthday or wedding.

typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

9.- Picante de mariscos

Picante de Mariscos is for those who prefer a spicy dish with seafood. This dish is very fresh, light, and easy to prepare. You must prepare a sofrito of aji panca, ground green chili, onion, pepper, salt, and cumin.
Then add the octopus, crab pulp, and potatoes, season with rocoto to taste, parsley, and cilantro.

typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

10.- Chupe de Camarones

The Chupe de Camarones is a typical dish of the coast of Peru. It is a typical Peruvian dish of the city of Arequipa, it is served in all the picanterías of the city.

It is a thick and spicy soup that has as ingredients river shrimp, yellow potatoes, fresh cheese, milk, beans, peas, corn, rice and egg, as well as a dressing based on red bell pepper and huacatay.

Besides being very popular in Callao and Lima, it is also prepared all over the country. Enjoy it as you prefer.

typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

11. Arroz con Pato

Rice with duck is a traditional Peruvian dish that combines rice with tender duck slowly cooked in a mixture of herbs, spices and chicha de jora, a fermented corn-based alcoholic beverage. It is a culinary delight that fuses indigenous, Spanish and African influences, reflecting Peru’s rich cultural diversity.

typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

12. Pallares con Adobo Iqueño

Adobo iqueño is a traditional recipe from the region of Ica, in southern Peru, characterized by its spicy and acidic flavor. Pallares, also known as pallares beans, are a legume prized in Peruvian cuisine for their smooth, creamy texture. When combined, they create a delicious and comforting dish.

typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

13. Picante de Pallares Verdes

Picante de pallares verdes is a typical dish of Peruvian gastronomy, especially popular in the northern region of the country. It is characterized by its spicy and creamy flavor, and is an excellent choice for those who enjoy dishes with a touch of heat, it is characterized as one of the best typical dishes of the Peruvian coast.

typical dishes of the Peruvian Coast

As you can see, if there is something for which Peru is recognized worldwide, besides its history and beautiful landscapes, it is for its incomparable gastronomy. This is a small list of some typical dishes of the coast, if you know or heard of others, tell us and tell us if you liked it.

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