Typical Peruvian Drinks (The most traditionals)

bebidas tipical del peru
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Perú has a lot of charm, but not only in landscapes, also in gastronomy. Its variety of recipes is incredible.

And there isn’t exist a better way to accompany its delicious food, with exquisite typical Peruvian drinks. Here you gonna discover which are the most popular drinks:

10 Typical Peruvian Drinks

1.- Pisco Sour

This drink is made with Peruvian pisco, which is used as a liquor base, and covered with egg yolk, lemon juice, ice, syrup, and Angostura bitters.

The secret of the recipe is in the correct proportion of the ingredients. The visitor in Perú simplify can’t permit the luxury of losing this sensational experience of drinking a Pisco Sour on a warm night.

bebidas tipicas del Peru

Pisco Sour

2.- Cachina

This delicious drink is native to the zones of Cañete and Chincha in the department of Ica, to the south of Perú. Is prepared based on grapes with a short fermentation, which is what we can call “young wine” and sweet. Is a drink more consumed in the festivities like Vendimia of Ica.

tipical peruvian drinks

3.- Té de Coca

If you travel to Machu Picchu in Cusco, the first that you should do is take an uncomfortable rest while drinking a cup of tea or coca for not to affect the altitude and you can acclimatize in a better way.

One hot cup of tea of coca is the best welcome when you arrive at the altitude of the Sacred Valley or the Titicaca Lake. The tea of coca in addition to alleviating altitude sickness and fatigue, calms headaches and is full of energy properties. Like is something sour, it can complement honey and it makes magnificat with drops of lemon.

typical peruvian drinks

4.- Chicha de Jora

It is made in a base of corn like the “Chicha Morada” but is used in the jora corn or malted corn. It process of elaboration is slow, for many days, that’s why worthwhile to try in traditional restaurants.

Its fermented flavor generates contrasting opinions in the alcoholic grade varies the function of fermentation. However, our recommendation is that you not let if try in your trip to the Peruvian mountain rage

bebidas tipicas del peru

5.- Algarrobina Cocktail

The algarrobina is traditional in the departments of the Peruvian north like Lambayeque and Piura, but its use is extended in all of Peru and other Latin American countries.  The Pisco Sour of algarrobina is a version recommended as an alternative to the traditional Pisco Sour.

Coctel de Algarrobina, vaso al costado de canelas

Algarrobina Cocktail

6.- Muña Mate

This infusion is prepared with the muña plant which has multiple digestive and expectorant properties. Is not hard to try, especially in restaurants with a naturopathic approach.

typical peruvian drinks

7.- Emoliente

The Emoliente is a better drink in winter than the typical Peruvian drinks based on herbs. It is prepared with roasted beans of barley and extracts of medicinal plants, many of which are different from those listed.

Its flavor is sweet, and it drinks hot and is served to alleviate the cold. Also has properties that contribute to combat sicknesses. You can find it in the authorized carts in some corners of the principal cities of Peru.

Typical peruvian drinks

8.- Chicha Morada

The chicha originates from the Andes, and it is made with maiz morado, pineapple peels, quince, cinnamon, cloves, lemon, sugar, and chopped fruits.

typical peruvian drinks

9.- Cremolada

The Cremolada is a fusion of ice and juice of fruit that is more pulpy than the ice cream. Come with a cup of plastic with a lot of exciting flavors to choose from. Is a refreshing drink of iced fruit is a blessing in the hottest month of summer.

typical peruvian drinks

10.- Maca

It is taken principally in breakfast, as a substitute for the oat and it is prepared with a maca plant, considered a super aliment with its nutritional properties. 

In Perú you can buy a cup of maca in the street carts where they send emollients or in specialized places in traditional breakfasts. Super recommended if your travel agenda is tight and you need extra energy.

bebidas tipicas del peru

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