How to get from the 7 Colors Mountain to the 7 lakes of Ausangate?

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Surely you have heard of the 7 Colors Mountain, known worldwide for the beautiful colors it has to the eye. It reached its popularity in the last 5 years due to the large influx of people who show up every day to take an incredible picture in what is the second wonder of Cusco.

At 100 km southeast of the city of Cusco, located between the districts of Cusipata, province of Quispicanchis, and Pitumarca, province of Canchis, it reaches an altitude of 5,200 meters above sea level and is, without a doubt, one of the best destinations to visit.


On the other hand, we have the 7 Ausangate Lakes. This circuit is located approximately 100 kilometers by road from the city of Cusco. The town of Pacchanta, where these lagoons belong, is located at 4,200 meters above sea level. At the top you can see the Ausangate snow-capped mountain from where the ice that forms these lagoons descends.

Is it possible to get from the 7 colored mountain to the 7 lagoons of Ausangate? Of course it is! We are talking about the tour to the 7 lagoons of Ausangate and the 7 Colors Mountain. That’s right, a 2-day tour in which you can visit both the colorful mountain, spend the night among the stars in Pacchanta and visit the viewpoint that will dazzle us with the colors of its lagoons. Now we tell you everything.

The road from the 7 lagoons of Ausangate to the 7 Colors Mountain

To get from the 7 lagoons of Ausangate to the 7 Color Mountain is basically 2 routes in one, there is no developed path to walk from one destination to the other, however, in order to boost the local economy, we can find a way to connect these two wonders of Ausangate and here in Machu Picchu Peru Tours, we tell you a little of this itinerary for lovers of extreme travel.

Day 1: Cusco – Llacto- 7 Colors Mountain – Pacchanta

We propose an early departure from Cusco to Cusipata and then to Llacto. We take the bus in the city of Cusco for example 4 to 5 am is fine, this bus will take us for almost 3 hours to Cuscipata, where we can take our breakfast.

Important: We must go to the bus station to Sicuani in Manco Capac Ave. 802, these are the buses that go to Sicuani, but we will get off before, in Cusipata.

The second route will be from Cusipata to Llacto for almost 1 hour at a cost of 10 soles, and finally, from Llacto to the viewpoint of the 7 Colors Mountain is a time of almost 1 hour and a half walking. After visiting the incredible 7 Colors Mountain, we can return to Llacto walking for almost 2 hours and right there, ask for a bus to take us to Pacchanta.

 7 colors mountain

Arriving at Pacchanta, we can look for a lodge or camp in the area, which also has thermal baths that we can take advantage of to relax. Do not worry about food, in this charming little town you can find everything you are looking for.

Day 2: Pacchanta – Viewpoint of the 7 lagoons – Pacchanta – Cusco

For this second day, we can wake up at dawn with a blue sky, typical of the highlands and we can walk from here to the viewpoint where we can enjoy the colorful lagoons of the area. Their blue and green colors will leave us enchanted. The trail is approximately 6 hours round trip and has an altitude of almost 4900 meters above sea level with almost 16 km of travel.

7 lakes of ausangate and 7 colors mountain

Here we can find the lagoons of: Otorongo Macho, Otorongo Hembra, Puca Cocha, Alqa Cocha, Qomer cocha, Azul cocha and Pata cocha, as well as the mountains of Ausangate, Mariposa, Jampa, Pucapunta, Caracol, Tinke and Qayangate.

What do I need to bring?

  • Backpack with rain coat.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Warm and cold weather clothing such as a waterproof jacket.
  • Rain pants and light pants.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Wool or synthetic socks and a sweater.
  • Long sleeve and short sleeve polo shirt / T-shirts.
  • Rain poncho and hat.
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent, alcohol and disinfectant gel, water bottle and sterilizer tablets, toiletries, toiletries sterilizing tablets, toiletries and toilet paper.
  • Camera (wrapped in a plastic bag).
  • Flash light and batteries.
  • Some snacks such as chocolate bars and dried fruit.
  • Original passport, original ISIC student card and cash.

For you, trekking lover, do not think twice and visit this incredible route, little known but just as splendid as the others. We recommend you to contact a travel agency like Machu Picchu Peru Tours, so they can help you with all the details of your tour. Go for it!

Explore many more tourist destinations and facts about Peru in our travel blog and plan your next trip with us!

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