How to get to Huacachina from Lima 2024

Huacachina desde Lima
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Ways to go to Huacachina from Lima in 2024, here in our guide we are going to show you actualize and important information about the available means of transport to realize your dream trip to the Ica Oasis without disadvantages.

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Where is located the oasis in the desert?

This beautiful and mysterious Huacachina Oasis is located 5 kilometers from Ica and 350 kilometers of distance from Lima, the capital city of Perú, this is the indicated place to spend incredible moments with family, and at the same time enjoy romantic spaces with the dawn/ sunset that you can appreciate from this place.

Huacachina from Lima

How to get Huacachina from Lima city?

The first thing that you need to consider is that for travel from Lima to Ica exist many options, agree on your preferences, budget, and experience, and here we gonna share with you some options for arriving at the Huachina Oasis without any problem.

Public Transport

Interprovincial Buses

If you want to pay for your trip at the lowest price possible, we present you with these options of economic transport for arriving at the city of Ica by bus. Is fundamental to consider that this type of transport is often used by the local people, this is why the process, the quality of the service and the security depend a lot on the company, the taxes and the dates that you decide to travel.

Flores Hnos: This company is well known in all Peruvian north, it has many vehicular unities with various destinies like Arequipa, Lima, Puno, Trujillo, etc. The departure time is 8:00 am. from 5:00 pm. and the return time is between 12:30 am to 9:00 am.

The company has its website, where you can book and purchase your tickets without any difficulty. The total cost approximated for choosing this option is 85 soles and is 5 hours and a half of travel to arrive in Ica.

Cruz del SurA recognized company with a big trajectory, has roads and national or international destines, these vehicles are modern and comfortable. The departure times are from 1:00 am to 10: pm. The approximate price that you can spend booking your round-trip ticket will be 110 soles or more, considering times, seats, and dates.

Now, also is important to consider that when you arrive in Ica you should take a bus or moto taxi that takes you to the Huacachina Oasis, the price will a 5 to 10 soles more to your budget for the transport.

Huacachina a Lima

Bus Hop on, Hop off:

Another type of transport more touristic and characterized by its flexibility in times and destinies is Perú Hop, a company that covers the route from Lima to Huacachina. In the course of the travel, the bus makes unique stops so you can visit touristic places. The company will pick you up from your hosting for this result comfortable for the people that want to have an experience of travel very enjoyable,

The message of the company translates that the traveler can travel by their rhythm and have control over what to do, where to eat, and where to sleep. The prices are according to the roads that you choose and are from 129 soles and more. It has fixed schedules and the company of a guide on board for the correspondence explanations about the touristic destinies that you will visit.

Huacachina desde Lima

Peru Hop

Private Transport

The other option for transport unless is more expensive but fast, perfect for those who value time and the commodity, is to take private transport, the prices are from 60.00 soles (in collective private transport) to 380.00 soles (in a private car).

The approximate time of travel is of 4 hours and a half. Consider choosing a better alternative for your travel to the Oasis of Huacachina from Lima.

Tours from Lima to Huacachina

The option to purchase a private service during the course permits you to visit tourist sites, eat, and have time for pics is one of the favorites for travelers who don’t have so much time.

Exist tours that you can visit on the same day: Islas Ballestas, wine and pisco cellars, Huacachina, and return to Lima around 11:00 pm.

Advice for travelers to arrive in Huacachina from Lima

  • If you are traveling for the first time to this oasis in the desert, avoid carrying dollars in your bag and instead of this have national bills and chains apart from your credit card to avoid problems when you purchase souvenirs or when you gonna make activities in the place.
  • Consider carrying comfortable shoes for the walk between the sandy dunes.
  • You also need to consider that in Huacachina is permanent the hot and dry seasons, even between December and February the temperature intensifies more, so always carry with you a solar protector, sunglasses, and a cap to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • Investigate with anticipation the disponibility of buses, times, and the rest to avoid misfortunes in your trip to Huacachina. Consider booking with anticipation by rusted websites like ours.

Huacachina desde Lima

If you are consider to make the tour with more tranquility and security, we recommend you choose tourist packages from local travel agencies and formals to make your travel experience something unique and memorable. We invite you to check our options for Tours in Ica.

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