Places to Visit in Abancay

lugares para visitar en Abancay
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Before knowing the best places to visit in Abancay, know more about the beautiful city.

Abancay is located in the Apurimac region. It was founded on November 3rd of the year 1874, although the poblational history of Abancay began before the Inca expansion.

The best era to visit this incredible place is between April and October. The rest of the year, the rains are abundant but with template weather.

How is Abancay?

The term Abancay comes from the quechua “amankay” that significance lily. This city is the capital of the department of Apurimac and has incredible weather that you can enjoy.

10 Best Places to Visit in Abancay 

1.- Quisapata Viewpoint

From this incredible viewpoint, you can obtain a privileged view of the Valley of Pachachaca, the city of Abancay, part of the snowy and addition to the Rontoccocha micro basin. For its proximity to the city, you can take a tour for a few hours and continue with your travel.

Places to Visit in Abancay

2.- Square of Abancay

This square is highlighted as one of the principal attractions of Abancay. On one of his sides, is located the Lord of the Fall Church which occupies all the sides to the side of the Mariño River.

Is also a place where many people, local and foreign, visit majorly. Is located between the Jirón Lima and Jirón Puno.

In antiquity, the square was a cementerie, posteriority during the period of the republic is used as a square of bulls, in the same way, is for celebrate of civil and religious celebration.

Places to Visit in Abancay

3.- Cconoc Thermal Baths

Is located on the right edge of the Apurímac River, in the district of Curahuasi. Is so visited by the local, national, and foreign people, because it cured properties that own the waters.

Places to Visit in Abancay

4.- Abancay Cathedral

The architecture of the Cathedral is simple and so beautiful, in addition has only one bell tower. Here each year, the party is in honor of the Virgin Mary and its advocation of the Rosary, like other religious events.

Places to Visit in Abancay

5.- Micaela Bastidas Park

The park is located four blocks from the Main Square of the city of Abancay. Was a builder in honor of one distinguished heroin, who that born in this city, known as Micaela Bastidas.

You can arrive to the park realize a little walk, only if it takes 15 minutes from the Main Square.

Places to Visit in Abancay

Micaela Bastidas Square, in Abancay

6.- Farm Illanya

Funded the April 18th, 1989, the pieces that welcome the museum come from the high provinces of Apurimac the majority were donated to the engineer Rainer Hostnig. This estate is one of the first farms of the colonial era between the year 1592.

Is considered one of the most important for its elegance of French architectonic and its distribution in the form of “L”.

This farm is located in the populated center of Justo Senior of Illanya, to 9 kilometers from the city of Abancay; on the right edge of the big Pachacha River.

Places to Visit in Abancay

Farm Illanya

7.- Taraccasa Viewpoint

Is located in the suburbs of the city of Abancay on the via that unites Abancay and Cusco, to 10 minutes from the city by car, where you can found from topic food, zoos, recreational games, between other tourist attractions.

The Taraccasa Viewpoint has a zoo that houses different types of animals native to the place, like the puma, condor, vicuña, wallaby, eagle, etc. 

Places to Visit in Abancay

8.- Pachachaca Bridge

Is one colonial construction located above the Pachachaca. Is 16 kilometers from the city. Was declared a Cultural Patrimony of the Nation in 1974.

The bridge was prepared under the direction of the viceroy Count Salvatierra in the year 1654. This bridge in Quechua’s significance “Bridge above the World” has a unique landscape that you should know.

Places to Visit in Abancay

9.- Yaca Chapel

Is a construction of the colonial era that is situated in the district of Circa on the right edge of the Pachachaca River, on the highway that united Abancay and Chalhuanca in kilometer 423 of the interoceanic highway.

Places to Visit in Abancay

10.- Camino Inca Tunel

This tunnel is located in the district of Curahuasi approximately to 2 kilometers from the Cconoc thermal baths. The tunnel suffers the tunnel suffered collapses in parts, however, a variety of intact meters in the Inca era ready for knowing.

Places to Visit in Abancay

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