Places to Visit in Tumbes

Places to visit in Tumbes
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The city of Tumbes is located to the northwest of the national territory, it has as margins the Pacific Ocean, the country of Ecuador, and the department of Piura.

Tumbes is the smallest region of Peru that stands out for its landscape, its typical dishes, its beautiful mangroves, and the beautiful places to visit in Tumbes.

This fabulous department, located in a completely tropical area, is characterized by having the largest flora and fauna of the Peruvian coast.

6 Places to Visit in Tumbes

1.- National Sanctuary of the Mangroves of Tumbes

The mangrove has an extension of 2,972 hectares. In its waters, you can go boating, and visit the estuaries and artificial canals of the mangrove, as well as the Matapalo and Las Almejas islands that are home to a great variety of birds.

The Tumbes National Mangrove Sanctuary has an impressive biodiversity represented by more than 148 bird species, 41 plant species, 135 fish species, 16 crustacean species, and 74 mollusk species, including black shells and red mangrove crabs, emblematic species of the Tumbes region.

The region is considered an intangible area of limited access, declared a Natural Protected Area since 1998. The place preserves the ecosystem in its purest state which is why it is difficult to access for most travelers, however, it is one of the most important places to visit in Tumbes that you can not miss.

Places to Visit in Tumbes

2.- Punta Sal beach resort, Tumbes

It is one of the most beautiful and extensive beaches on the northern coast of Peru. It is characterized by its calm and warm waters, with an average temperature of 24 °C (75 °F). Its fine-grained sands are sheltered by two small points.

This beach is quite visited by people, especially by those who are fond of water sports; and the truth is that this place enjoys a perfect climate, regardless of the time of year.

Places to Visit in Tumbes

3.- Tumbes Main Square

The Plaza de Armas of Tumbes is among the sites of interest in Tumbes for historical and artistic appreciation. La Concha Acústica and the Monument to the Peruvian-Ecuadorian Integration are works of Victor Delfin, a Peruvian sculptor.

After having been modified, it shows a scene in which it emphasizes an acoustic shell covered with mosaic, denominated The Encounter of Two Worlds, because the image makes mention of the arrival of the Hispanics and all the natural fortune of the region.

Places to Visit in Tumbes

4.- Tumbes National Reserve

In the Tumbes National Reserve, you can see almost 300 species of birds of which at least 10 are in danger of extinction. It is also home to about 70 types of mammals among which bats represent the main variety of species.

The park is located about 50 minutes by land from Tumbes, however, do not forget that the reserve also has jurisdiction in the province of Zarumilla, so the access route may vary.

Places to Visit in Tumbes

5.- Cerros de Amotape National Park, Tumbes

It has hiking circuits through hills and ravines, which allow the observation of the flora and fauna of the equatorial dry forest. You can also navigate through the canyon of the Tumbes River.

The Cerros de Amotape National Park (PNCA) maintains unique characteristics in the entire country and is considered an area of world importance for birds and plants. This oasis has developed a spectacular flora and fauna that jumps at the sight of every traveler.

Places to Visit in Tumbes

6.- Zorritos Beach resort, Tumbes

The Zorritos beach is ideal for sports such as jet skiing, surfing and fishing. Also, it is an ideal place for beach camping with the protection and facilitation of the hygienic services of the hotels that offer the service in the area.

Places to visit in Tumbes that are in Zorritos, include streams and the thermal waters of Hervideros ideal for health conditions, from acne to rheumatism.

Places to Visit in Tumbes

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