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Are you a nature and adventure lover looking for an unexplored tourist destination that will take your breath away? Then the Cañon de los perdidos in Ica is the perfect place for you. Here in our guide, we show you updated and important information about everything you need to know to make your dream trip to the Canyon de los Perdidos without any inconvenience.

Canyon de Los Perdidos in Ica – Perú

The Canyon de los Perdidos is a natural wonder of Peru, located in Ica, and aims to amaze visitors. It was discovered in 2011, it is located in the southeast of the district of Santiago, almost three hours from the city of Ica.

It has an extension of almost 6 kilometers and a depth of 200 meters, in addition to 3 levels to reach its interior where its famous “Mirador” is located. Here we tell you more details:

Canyon de los Perdidos – Ica Perú
Location Between Santiago and Ocucaje
Distance from Ica 2.5 h approx. by car
Cost of tickets Not yet required
Weather Warm – Dry
Depth 250 – 300 meters

How was the canyon of the lost born?

This new natural destiny was formed geographically in the same route as the Dry River of Ica. Was it a seabed formed over time by the water and strong winds; according to studies by paleontologists, this would be a formation of 20 to 30 million years and indicate that it was an aquiferous reserve of fossil remains of whales, sharks, seashells, penguins, birds, among other animals.

canyon de los perdidos

What is the name “Canyon de los perdidos”? 

The name of the Canyon de los Perdidos was the result of an expedition carried out by the then mayor Pablo Alvites together with many villagers and local journalist Maycol Herrera.

The name Cañón de los Perdidos (Canyon of the Lost) comes from an expedition carried out by then Mayor Pablo Alvites together with many local people and the local journalist Maycol Herrera. When this group of people went to the place they got lost, getting lost for a couple of hours. When they finally reached the canyon, the journalist decided to title his report “Cañón de los Perdidos” (Canyon of the Lost).

How to get to the Canyon of the Lost?

Imagine a journey where you immerse yourself in natural beauty while discovering the secrets of ancient civilizations. The Cañón de los Perdidos offers you all this and more. However, to live this experience unforgettably, you must choose the right option to get there.

Arrive at the Canyon de los Perdidos on your Own

For arrive to at this naturally attractive you will have to travel 90 kilometers from the city of Ica, which will take you approximately 2 hours. Leaving the city, take the Panamerican Highway South and at km. 339 you will find a detour to the right, which is the entrance to the Ica district of Callango.

From this detour, you follow a trail that will take you to Boca del Río, on the left bank of Callango.

As you arrive at the canyon, you will notice the appearance of the famous gallinules or crows. You will also be able to see these birds as you descend to the base of the canyon, which will take about 30 minutes on average.

Arrive at the Canyon de los Perdidos with a Tour 

The Canyon de los Perdidos Tour starts with a transfer from your hotel in Huacachina or the center of Ica to the Ocucaje. First, visit the small square where you can take funny pictures with a monument to the “Megalodon”, then visit the pampa of stones and finally the canyon of the lost ones where you can take fantastic pictures and descend into this immense crevice.

canyon de los perdidos

What fauna can I find in the canyon of the lost ones?

During the entire journey through the Canyon, you will see small reptiles and a variety of birds running through the desert. A spectacle for photography lovers.

The levels of the Canyon de los Perdidos

The Canyon has 4 levels in which you can observe various natural features that have been formed over millions of years.

The first zone of the canyon is the mouth of the Ica River. This is the part with the most vegetation, in which you can see several herons giving the space an air of oasis.

The Cara del Puma and the Ojo de Pez are located on the second level of the canyon and are the most popular attractions. The Ojo de Pez is a kind of stagnant water well, caused by rainfall and groundwater, and is located below the Cara del Puma. This is a fairly sharp and sharp image on the sand.

The gorge is the most extensive part of the canyon. Here you have to be very careful due to its uneven floors. There you will also find the Plaza Caracol, which is composed of various rock configurations and a kind of natural semi-echo.

Canyon de Los Perdidos

Canyon de Los Perdidos

Curiosities of Los Perdidos Canyon

  • Its walls are living books of the history and geology of planet Earth.
  • Around it, we can find fossils.
  • During January, February, and March the ancient Ica River brings huaycos that fill the “fish eye” being this a beauty of nature.

Recommendations for visiting the Canyon de los Perdidos  

Wear appropriate clothing

The clothes you should wear for this adventure should be very fresh and comfortable. Remember that you will be in the heart of the Iquique desert. Therefore, it is ideal to wear a hat, caps, long-sleeved shirts, mountain climbing shoes, and comfortable pants for the weather.

Stay hydrated

Of equal importance, don’t forget to bring enough bottles of water, as well as small fruits or even cereal bars. I assure you, they will help you to maintain the energy and enthusiasm that you will need for this day.

Wear good sunscreen

When you are packing the things you will need for this extreme adventure, it is essential to immediately grab the sunscreen. Since, these sun rays are usually very intense and if you do not protect your skin, it can be dangerous for your health.

Take care of the Canyon

During your visit, do not do anything to harm the condition or habitat of  Los Perdidos Canyon. That is, do not camp or litter. In the past, many travelers destroyed the sediment blocks of this wonderful natural resource.

In the Canyon de los Perdidos there is a small ecosystem, which is inhabited by a variety of animals. The species that you will encounter most during your expedition are The lizards, an endless number of insects, gallinazos, and even wild plants that grow here, in this lonely place iqueño.

Canyon de Los Perdidos

And you, what do you think about the Canyon de los Perdidos? Our agency offers you the opportunity to explore this unique place with the utmost tranquility and safety to make your travel experience unique and memorable.

If you are eager to explore the Cañón de los Perdidos, we invite you to review our Tours in Ica.

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