Cusco Nightlife: 7 Experiences in the night of Cusco

cusco nightlife
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¿What to do in Cusco Nightlife? Here, we are going to show you 7 experiences that you can do on the night of Cusco. 

Explore Cusco in the night is be part of a mystic universe and totally fascinating. Although many emblematic places can be visited during the daytime, the night brings them a special and unique charm. From visiting the historic streets to participating in night-time tours, Cusco offers a variety of experiences that make you entrance in the rich culture and beautiful places illuminated through the night.

In this post, we’re going to guide you through 7 fascinating experiences that transform Cusco into a vibrant scenery after the sunset, find why Cusco is the same beautiful when the light blinks in their historic old streets.

1. The “Plaza de Armas” Illuminated

The Main Square “Plaza de Armas”, is emblematic in the daytime, but it transforms in to a dreamy scenery because of what it looks like in the night. Illuminated, with the impressive “Cusco Cathedral”, creates a unique environment that only can be seen at night.

Go to the Square during the sunset to enjoy the transition of the day to the night, sit on one of the benches to absorb all the energy of the place, and live a unique experience,  with the watch of the majesty of the Cusco Cathedral and explore all the nocturnal charms of this historic square.

cusco nightlife

2. Night-time Tour of the City of Cusco

Be part of the magic of Cusco by booking a night-time tour. This unique experience brings you to explore the principal tourist attractions of Cusco, for example from the Square of San Francisco to the Temple of Qoricancha. The night shows you a different perspective of these places, transforming them in to mystic places and much more historic, you can’t lose the opportunity to make this tour and see the Cusco nightlife differently.

cusco nightlife

3. Visit the “Barrio of San Blas” at Night

Visit and explore the emblematic and illuminated streets of the “Barrio of San Blas” in a route of Cusco nightlife. Immerse in the history of this precious and bohemian place, visit the open workshops, and carry the local crafts to support the artisans of San Blas. In addition, you can visit the Church of San Blas and a variety of different restaurants and cafes.

cusco nightlife

4. Viewpoints of Cusco

Admire the illuminated city from the viewpoints of Cusco. The Viewpoint of San Blas as we mentioned before, offers an impressive view of the sunset. Other outstanding viewpoints that you can visit in the Cusco nightlife are San Cristóbal, Santa Ana, Cristo Blanco, and Pachacútec. Visit them at sunset or in the evening, to enjoy all the colors of the beautiful sky and take impressive photos with the best views in Cusco.

5. Observe the Nocturnal Sky in the Planetarium Cusco

Observe the stars in the Planetarium Cusco, in an ecotourism reserve located 20 minutes from the historic inside of the Cusco nature.  Reserve a tour of astronomy to admire the clear sky of Cusco Night. The guides will share stories and curiosities meanwhile you observe the stars through professional telescopes. A quiet and magical experience. You be amazed by the nocturnal sky of Cusco in the Planetarium and find out the importance of astronomy in the prehispanic era.

To archive a visit to the Planetarium, you can choose between two options of functions: in groups and also private. These two modalities included the translation of a round trip from Plaza Regocijo, an informative talk on Inca astronomy, an incredible virtual projection of the sky in a domo, and the observation of the stars.

Location: Fundo Llaullipata, road to Sacsayhuamán Km2

Price of the Entrice: Around 25 €.

Time: 18:00 to 20:00

cusco nightlife

Source: Planetarium cusco

6. Night in the Rainbow Mountain

Reserve a tour in the Rainbow Mountain for an unforgettable nocturnal experience. Before the evening, realize strategic stops to appreciate the landscape of Cusco nightlife from Rainbow Mountain and capture incredible photos. And finally, you gonna arrive to the specific zone for camping. Enjoy the evening, of a camping night above the starry sky and wake up to see and unique sunrise.

7. Cusco Nightlife: Bars and Nightclubs

Go in the magic that envelops Cusco at night and take a step toward a unique nocturnal experience. Cusco is most known as one of the cities with the best nocturnal environment in Perú, the main square “Plaza de Armas” and around, transform into a vibrant scenery, with a lot of bars and nightclubs at night. The fun doesn’t know limits for the Cusco people, and the best is that doesn’t matter what day of the week is!

Cusco wait for you with a nocturnal experience that invites you to enjoy the exquisite drinks and dance till dawn. If you are a lover of nocturnal tourism and passionate about finding out the best nightclubs, here is a list of the best bars and nightclubs of Cusco:

La Chupitería

This bar is a paradise for the lover of the shots. This cozy local, frequented by young tourists all the days of the week, offers you not only delicious drinks but also and fun environment, with good music and table games for an entertaining night.

Location: Tecsecocha 282a

Time: 4  pm to 3 am

Instagram: @lachupiteriacusco

cusco nightlife

Source: La Chupiteria

Loki Hostel

Loki Hostel is well-known for travelers, not only opening their doors for guests but also all the party seekers in the Cusco nightlife. This is a paradise for travelers because guarantees a fun night with people from all over the world. So if you don’t know what to do in the Cusco nightlife, you can come to Loki and enjoy of a fun night full of music and dance.

Location: Sta. Ana 601

Time: 8am to 2am

Instagram: @lokicusco

cusco nightlife

Source: Loki Cusco

Mamá África

Mamá África is popular because is one of the most concurred discos, located on the third floor of the portals of the square. In this place sound from salsa to techno, this fun disco attracts both people of Cusco and travelers because of the selection of music and the drinks that they offer in Cusco nightlife.

Location: Portal of Panes 109 3rd floor

Time: 19:00 pm to 05:00 am

cusco nightlife

Source: Mama Africa

República del Pisco

This bar is located in a charming colonial house in the historic center of Cusco and pays tribute to the Peruvian Pisco. Have creative drinks and live music of different types, this bar is the perfect fusion of flavor and entertainment, offering an amazing experience in Cusco nightlife that you can’t lose.

Location: Plateros Street 354

Time: 12pm – 1 am

Website: Republica del Pisco

cusco nightlife

Source: Republica del Pisco Cusco

Chango Club

Chango Club is a unique proposal, surprising every night with good music, from Andean music to rock and reggae. The party continues until the early morning, making this place an ideal option for those who search for a complete experience. Chango Club is open all days of the week if you want to enjoy Cusco nightlife, you can’t lose to go to Changos Club, this needs to be on your list of things to do in Cusco at night.

Location: Tecsecocha Street 429

Time: 9 pm. to 6 am.

Facebook: changoclubcusco

cusco nightlife

Source: Chango Club

Los Perros Bar

Los Perros Couch Bar offers cocktails and excellent food in a cozy environment. This place has a lot of years in the streets of the historic center of Cusco and is perfect for those who want to enjoy the night without compromising the activities of the next day because this bar brings you and quiet environment in the Cusco nightlife.

Location: Tecsecocha Street 474

Time: 4 pm. to 2 am.

Instagram: @losperros.cusco

cusco nightlife

Source: Los Perros Bar

Inka Team

Inka Team is the unique disco in Cusco nightlife that has three floors for celebrating and dancing in the best way, in addition, they offer cocktails and special drinks, and the music is variated and brings you a fun environment for celebrating till dawn.

Location: “Portal of Panes”, Cusco 08002

Time: 9 pm. to 4 am.

Facebook: InkaTeam

cusco nightlife

Source: Inka Team

Cusco nightlife is a canvas full of lights and shadows, ready to be explored. This guide invites you to discover the unique essence of Cusco City after the early morning. Enjoy the unforgettable experience while Cusco wakes up and demonstrates the nocturnal charm.

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