15 Typical Dishes of the Sierra

platos tipicos de la sierra
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Are you going to visit the Peruvian Sierra and want to know what to eat? Here we show you the typical dishes of the Sierra that you can not miss the opportunity to try.

The Peruvian Sierra has the most traditional gastronomy in our country. Its dishes are exquisite because they are made with ingredients from the Peruvian soil, which is why the typical food of the Sierra is delicious.

We can find a variety of typical traditional dishes in various recipes that, with time, are still valid today. If you are thinking of Peruvian Sierra, here we let you a list of the best Typical Dishes of the Sierra that you can’t lose the opportunity to taste.

Typical Dishes of the Sierra

1.- Cuy Chactado

The Andean cuy is a well-known and widely consumed animal in Peru. Its preparation consists of frying the Cuy in abundant oil, leaving the texture of the skin crispy and the meat very soft. It can be served with potatoes, salad and sauces.

Baked Cuy depends on good seasoning to make it an exquisite dish. In general, Cuy is served whole.

Typical Dishes of the Sierra

2.- Puchero

Is a typical dish of the Sierra in Perú, especially in the carnival season. It is a broth that takes various meats, vegetables, legumes, and more. It boils a breast of beef or lamb, bacon, this is one of the typical dishes of the Sierra that is consumed on the date of carnival.

When it is boiling, cabbage leaves, potatoes, chickpeas, and rice, already prepared, are added. In some regions of Peru, such as Cusco, the broth is served separately.

typical dishes of the Sierra

3.- Pachamanca

Pachamanca is considered one of the most exquisite typical dishes of the Sierra. Is one of the gastronomic samples more traditional and consumed in the kitchen of the Peruvian Sierra.

The form of cooked it is so peculiar, all the ingredients are cooked on preheated stones placed under the ground. Pork, beef, mutton, cow, cuy and chicken, along with potatoes, sweet potato, corn, pods, and yucca are essential for a good pachamanca.

typical dishes of the sierra

4.- Trucha Frita

Is another of the typical dishes of the Sierra of Perú. The Trout is a fish with a high content of minerals and vitamins and is considered a nutritious aliment.

After the fish is fried, is served with fried or boiled potatoes, rice or sweet potato, and a nutritious salad.

typical dishes of the sierra

5.- Typical Dishes of the Sierra: Chiriuchu

The Chiriuchu is the star dish of the city of Cusco. It comes of the quechua Chiri that significates “cold”. This delicious dish is eaten cold and is composed of seaweed (cochayuyo), egg, guinea pig, chicken, hen, charqui, morcela, potatoes, corn tower, cheese, and rocoto.

Chiriuchu is considered the food of the Incas for a lot of people. The secret is to eat a little of each one of the ingredients to taste better the delicious dish.

typical dishes of the Sierra

6.- Cancacho

The Cancacho is originally from Ayaviri, the cattle capital par excellence of the Puno region. This typical dish means roast lamb in Spanish and is prepared with firewood in brick ovens.

In other regions of the Peruvian Sierra, they prepare the cancacho for different festivities. In Cusco, the communities do it when they work together (faenas).

typical dishes of the Sierra

7.- Caldo de Cabeza or Cordero

The “Caldo de Cabeza” is one of the favorite typical dishes of the Sierra of Perú. First, the lamb’s head must be washed and peeled properly, preferably the head of a young lamb, then cut into pieces and boiled for an hour and a half.

After adding the rest of the ingredients, like potatoes, rice, yuca, and corn. It served with a little of “hierba buena” recently cited. This delicious broth is effective for

Then add the rest of the ingredients, such as potatoes, rice, boiled yucca, and corn. It is served with some freshly chopped herbs. This delicious broth is effective in counteracting the cold.

typical dishes of the sierra

8.-Pepian de Cuy

It is a stew of corn and cuy meat, seasoned with onion and aji panca. After peeling the cuy in boiled water, the entrails are removed and cut into several pieces, which are sprinkled with corn flour and fried in hot oil.

In another pot, a dressing of onion, golden garlic, and red bell pepper is prepared. The cuy pepian is a very nice dish and, above all, very nutritious for everyone in general.

platos tipicos de la sierra

9.- Ceviche de Trucha

Ceviche is a Peruvian dish, specifically from the coast, it is a dish that can be prepared in any part of the world.

However, in the highlands ceviche is prepared with trout, it consists of the same preparation as the conventional ceviche but replaced by trout. It is worth mentioning that mostly in the highlands of Peru you will find trout in lakes and rivers.

platos tipicos de la sierra

10.- Humitas o Tamales Andinos

Humitas have Andean origins, their preparation began during the XVII century. They are made with ground white corn to be later wrapped in corn husks and steamed.

Raisins, meats, salt, and sugar, among other ingredients, are added. Although it is typical of the Peruvian highlands, it is also consumed in some coastal cities. Humitas are considered one of the most delicious desserts of the Peruvian highlands.

platos tipicos de la sierra

11.- Patasca Soup

The patasca is a soup also known as “mondongo”. It is prepared in markets and restaurants throughout the highlands region.

Its main ingredient is mondongo, that is, cow tripe. It also includes in its preparation mote and chopped beef.

platos tipicos de la sierra

12.- Ollucos with Charqui

The charqui or charque is the typical meat of llama, alpaca, and guanaco dehydrated in the sun in the Andean region, and also with those of cattle and sheep brought by the Spaniards.

In the Sierra, it is common to eat charqui as a main ingredient in stews and soups or as a filling for tamales and empanadas.

Olluco is a plant whose tubers and leaves are consumed. Peruvians prepare them with charqui, mainly from sheep meat, in a delicious recipe that is typical of the highlands. Do you dare to try this exquisite dish?

platos tipicos de la sierra

13.- Chicharrón of Chancho

First and foremost, cook the pork covered with water, over medium heat, with salt to taste and aromatic herbs (mint) until the liquid evaporates. After the water has been consumed, the remains of the herbs are removed and the meat is left to fry in its fat. If necessary, a little lard or oil is added.

Traditionally it is eaten with fried sweet potato and Peruvian creole sauce, prepared with red onion cut in feathers, yellow chili peppers, and lemon. It is one of the most delicious typical dishes of the highlands.

platos tipicos de la sierra

14.- Green Soup

It is an ancient soup of Andean origin, very popular in the Peruvian Sierra, specifically in the department of Huancayo.

The name of the dish is due to the herbs that are included in the preparation, which gives it its characteristic green color. Some of the herbs that are used are muña, huacatay and paico, among other ingredients such as fresh cheese and milk.

platos tipicos de la sierra

15.- Lawa

Undoubtedly, the lawa is a delicious dish to acclimatize in the typical cold of the Peruvian highlands. This native dish is prepared with Cusco corn, beans, cheese, yellow bell pepper, potatoes, egg, and huacatay. Its consumption increases at Easter because it is meatless, and it is one of the most consumed typical dishes of the highlands.

Apart from being tasty and easy to prepare, the lawa is a warm caress on the freezing nights of the Andean region.

platos tipicos de la sierra

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