Short Inca Trail

Machu Picchu Perú Tours, recommends this tour for people that don’t have much time to travel or that their physical condition is not that great, this part of the hike starts on km 104 and its first stop is on the archeological site of Huiñay Huayna, which means “eternally young” in quechua, place we will visit. After we will continue the hike to the town of Aguas Calientes, where we will be spending the night our last night of the Short Inca Trail, this will be the most comfortable part of the trip with the best vegetation and the best climate. And without taking away the taste of adventure, you will also be able to experience the majestic landscaped and amazing changes of the ecological floors that will take you to the coveted remains of Machu Picchu.

Short Inca Trail 2 Days / 1 Night

Day 1: Cusco – Km 104 – Aguas Calientes (lunch) (dinner)

Machu Picchu Perú Tours, will come pick you up from your place of stay between 5:00 and 5:30 am to then head out to Ollantaytambo, where we will take a train to the km 104. Once we get there we will visit the archeological site of Chacha Bamba, which is 2250 meters above sea level. Here we will observe the variety of agricultural products that still today are taken into the town of Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu). We will then start our hike to Wiñay Wayna. On the way we will have a beautiful panoramic view of the Urubamba River (Vilcamayu) and of the variety of the famous family of the orchids. When we get to Wiñay Wayna (eternally young) we will stop for a tour of this interesting and important Inca site. After we will walk around 20 minutes until we get to the “lodge de trekker”, where we will enjoy our lunch. After lunch we will continue our hike until we get to the archeological site of Into Punku (Sun Gate) place we will explore before going down to Machu Picchu and the town of Aguas Calientes. We will spend the night at Aguas Calientes. And on this day we will have free time to visit the famous hot springs in Aguas Calientes.

Day 2: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Cusco

On this day we will wake up really early to head to the lost city of the Incas, also known as Machu Picchu, being the first ones to hop on the bus that will take us to this archeological site. On the way you will be able to appreciate the first view into Machu Picchu along the mountains that are on top of the Urubamba River. Once we get to Machu Picchu we will have a 2 hour tour along the most important places of this site. We will learn about its importance, its religions and its history, and we will also be able to appreciate its beautiful architecture done by the Incas. We will meet up at Aguas Calientes in the afternoon to take the train back to Cusco.

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